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Random 1#

awwww :D
now this make my day :3


i really hope i get to meet them tomorrow :)
oh wait, i mean, today -_-'
cause it's already 12 o'clock.

you see,
there are certain times that i feel i AM alone.
but i know i'm not.
it's normal to feel lonely.
and it's normal to laugh for no reason.
err wait, farhah said i'm weird for doing that -_-'

fyi, i dont like my new fringe.
i was wrong to let it cut shorter than it should :|
oh well,
farhah was the one yg nak belanja.
never mind then.

but i still love her hair X)

awwh, when will my hair grow long ? :'(
pallii !

hayake ! X(

i wish there's a serum to make hair grow faster :)

ps; is it just me, or its like i have nothing to write about anymore in this blog :/
oh my gucci.
that moment, the i-feel-like-deleting-my-blog-because-there's-no-reason moment :|

errr, sabar dulu.
we can't be hasty.

everything has a reason.
we just gotta open our eyes.
it might not be there, but it's there.
not look harder, but dig deeper.
hait hait *nod*

i'm sorry about my last post :/

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 12:35 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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