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Vacation 2009 #2

notes; i have many roles during the trip, most of the recorded videos are in my dad's video cam, and i'm abit busy to transfering it and all.
please forgive me =_=

wheather: everyday after we got there is always sunny day
average temperature: !9'C

-we've traveled to france and belgium within the first week.
-we've traveled along Rhein River, one of the longest and most important in Europe.
at Koblenz, Rhein River is is combined with " Moselle River"

long story short, we've traveled to almost all countries in germany that are connected with Rhein. i suggest you read the geographical history of this river, AMAZING.


firstday at Leiwen, Germany

it was raining. we decided to stay in and get used to this place and buy foods.


grape fields or " wine yard "

daddy driving on left side of the car.
believe me, this not an edited photo.
Europe's car driver seats are on the left side.

they have nasi goreng there! :D
and to think leiwen is a small town :D


while they are sweetly asleep, this is what i always do. best nyer -_-"
terasa diri mcm maid, xpe, saya x kisah :D haha


became the navigator again haha


before heading straight to our destination, we stop to take pics at Leiwen.
Leiwen is not in the map at all! lol can't believe they left out this beautiful town.
lovely isn't it? oh yeah, thats Azimah Bt Omar.
my mother.
Firdaus, INGATKAH KAMU? haha :D

ya Allah :)
btw i've posted this on myspace already.
but here you view a larger pic to see a huge DETAIL pic, its lovely.

Moselle river, the river that meets with Rhein River at Koblenz.

Location: Arlon, Belgium
a 2 hours drive from Leiwen.
" wah tipu ar, duduk kt germany, mane leh smpi belgium! "

trust me, the place we were staying, its close to belgium and france :)

oh which btw, pic above, is so amazing, two buildings connected to one other making a triangle looking road. awesome.

=_= i dare you to see this.

1st part


cherry blossoms

Current Location: Luxembourg, Germany

history: a 1026 years old city. A REAL FACT. not a joke

we went straight to Luxembourg another nearby city in Germany.
it was 2 and half hours drive from Arlon.

ye, time sejuk2 pun nk makan ice-cream, gedik :P

haha, sinki xde, air fountain pon boleh jadi ek mama? lol

ZARA kat sana agak murah untuk dress yg giler2 lawa. seriously. JEALOUS :(

ask yourself: do we have this kind of city in MALAYSIA, except for putrajaya?

or this?

or this?

or even this?
buildings beside river, Buildings in every row covering every inch of Mountains.
ini bukan situasi " hujan emas di negara luar, hujan batu di negara sendiri"
its a FACT, Malaysia has MANY things to step it up to compared to this 1026 years old city.
tsk tsk tsk

oh btw the river below is the Moselle River.
yeah, ya heard what i said. Its the same river at Leiwen. imagine how long the river actually is O,O

because of this pic, my whole family calls me Victoria Beckham. bahaha -_-"
thats not funny actually :|

one of the highest roadbridge i've ever seen
and thats the highlight of Arlon and Luxembourg.
next stop, FRANKFURT 8D
one of my desire place.

because this post is LONG and its already 7 in the morning, i'm gonna continue later. hope you enjoy this second post. please do view these pics.
the scenery are breathtaking, like in a movie.

till then, have a nice day and life.
and remember, i love you

" everyday,everyhour,everyminute and everysecond, i think about you and what are you doing and how are you doing.
did you ever think about me for once
? "


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