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tell me something i don't know

" you're a bad LIAR"

.....crap..... am i really that hollow? haiya..
of all ppl..
oh well, i guess dat deserve like an honourary position kot XD

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my bro's been telling me like 5 months ago to listen to this one indie band
he said since i like the song called "stay" by estrella
i might like one of the band from uitm
i'm REALLY shock
to know that this band vocalist is actually is my brother's SENPAI
they always perform at uitm for free
KEJAM, along suka x ajak ke tmpt yg best2 X(

what really IMPRESSED me is dat the band vocalist is a girl
no, a girl doesn't surprises me dat much haha
it was the fact she wears SCARF :)

ok the second person that wears scarf and went into music industry
first it was a girl who is a fashion designer

awesome :)

maybe ramai yg xleh terima ni, ada yang masih kutuk2 actlly
but for me, standing up for our rights are so AWESOME *saluting*

now i don't have to feel scare or intimidate, not dat i am XD haha

and rite now, i am totally BROKE
wee thank God i got a job
no, i'm not gonna tell u

you will see me when you see me :)

what bothers me rite now is persuading my parents in letting me taking full time cause' it really isn't worth it taking part time only.
sengal, how i wish i cud BE FREE

ok, bukan x grateful dibenarkan keje ( itu pun selepas memujuk GILER2 )
but the thing is, it really isn't WORTH IT
its not that far, and then my brother lak xnk cooperate
sengal, bukannyer xleh ambik aku mlm2
bukannya dia ada kelas mlm
eyh! biler ko kawen nnti, dating la puas2!

not to mention, my mom is paying him to take care of my transportation
shoot, times like this how i wish my license can be speed up!



enough said.

ps: it REALLY wasn't everything that i wish for you, so i'm SORRY
wtv it is, i hope and wish you all the best and happiness of the world
and sorry if i messed it up
i'm sure things will work out for you somehow


-dis is not just me, everybody said the SAME DAMN THING; my brother is aving a MOOD swing. pfft BYK LA 0_0

-my parents hate me growing up cause it makes them feel old
but they don't like me sitting around playing games and onlining as if i'm a kid dat has no life.
probably dats y my dad ask me where do i want to work at first 0_0

-saya kene PAKSA jugak diri saya tido mlm ini, sebab esok kene bgn awal haha

-saya hutang kak aneez satu kek secret recipe, sebab dia jeles saya beli utk org lain. haha XD
"nape bagi whole! at least ambik la satu slice utk akak! choc mud cake sedap plak!!!"

-saya akn nmpk pelik pki baju kerja nnti 0_0
i am already ugly, plus with the code uniform, definitely HUMONGOUS ugly haha

ps; "and its hard to tell if you ever want to remember this,
and its hard cause you don't come around anymore,
my heart never felt the same like i did before"

give me strength to believe in
something i could hold on to
because those nightmares seems to haunt me even when i'm awake
all i know
is dat nothing seems rite
and all dis questions seem to have empty answer

mickey, are we really FOOLING ourselves?
dude, pls call me
anybody? pls.. cause my hands seems too short to reach you guys out

jot, that hero is still buried la. camne ni :/
oh well... :|

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Thursday, January 22, 2009 1:23 AM
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