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when i was on my way from mall last week
i saw a rainbow. a BIG one
ok bukan nk jakun
but its been awhile since i went out and see rainbow. u dun see rainbow everyday rite?
klu ada org yg dpt tgk ari2 tu, kamu bertuah le. bukan macam SAYA
so shut up, heh

ave u ever seen sumfing so amazingly wonderful
i dunno why. but i'm attracted to these clouds
its pretty
and time ni bukan nk maghrib ok, its still 5 sumfing.
mcm cotton candy lak :9
haha but seriously, i guess i'm into scenery these days
beyond the horizon
heh, xde kene mengena.
i love this pic because, the light of the sun still shines strong even if
its being covred by big clouds.
perasan atau tidak?
awan2 tu mcm membentuk mcm separuh bulat
time ni kene pergi skola izzat, SRKS 18
haha dh la x tido masa tu, wat keje mama satu mlm. pening 8D
xpe la, at least survive gak.
what i'm proud about is dat the teachers there still remember me :)
" eh farah ek?"
" assalamualaikum cikgu, sihat cikgu?"
" sihat alhamdulillah, dh lain dh awak skrg! hampir2 x kenal td. ni farah yang nyanyi and nari tu kan?? la dulu rugged, skrg dh lain! kamu buat pe kat sini?"
" oh nk byr kan duit yuran adik saya"
"adik kamu kelas mana?"
"ahmad zul izzat kelas 5 bakawali cikgu"
" ya allah, tu kelas cikgu la! "
haha pn zaharah, is still the same. and pn fazillah came along when she saw me
well i'm close to pn fazillah more since sarah, her daughter was in the same batch with me
god where are u sarah! i miss u :D

the best part is dat, i feel thankful dat i insisted on being active during my time at srks 18
my parents keep pushing me studying until i don't have my social life
thanks to kakya :), i finally get to join some clubs dat shows my talents
so menyanyi, bercerita, menari, men music
adalah trademark utk cikgu2 di sana ingat siapa farah syafiqah

primary schools are different
especially the stool, the chairs and tables
even the corridor
it looks much more smaller now that we've grown up
trust me, this is not a chair
this is a table
and tinggi dier takat atas lutut je
itu baru meja
belum agi kerus
pendek. haha XD
corridor pon kecik and x luas
trust me, klu kt skola menengah, at least ketinggian corridor dier
takat atas my chest.
this? i cud even jump down from this floor. haha XD
not that i wud. lol

ok! satu bende yg mmg CAUGHT my eyes giler2 ar
while i was waiting for the teachers to go into the class so dat i can pay the fees
i was boringly watching the sky and the kids.
saw izzat's friends staring at me for no reason. weirdly enough. lol
and saw few of my friends' brothers
haha my batch klu lelaki, byk adik dier kwn dgn izzat plak. haha
so senang la nk kacau diorg kt umah diorg :D
ok ok bak to my point! 0_0
while i was waiting, i saw this ONE boy
why he caught my eyes? because he was doing the exact same thing i always do when i'm in class at primary.
gossip? no, talking? no, copying others ppl works? no
he was sitting ALL alone.
he sat all alone beside the window and just stare at other ppls.
while everybody has their own group, playing chatting etc
he was left all alone with no one to talk.
giler, bring tears to my eyes doe.. :(
this reminds me of this one song

There's a girl
Who sits under the bleachers
Just another day eating alone
And though she smiles
There is something she's hiding
And she cant find a way to relate
She just goes unnoticed
As the crowd passes by
And she'll pretend to be busy
When inside she just wants to cry

haih.. sedih seyh ingat balik masa yang lalu...

notes; dulu saya rugged, konon nyer la
tpi skrg cikgu kata saya nmpk sopan and solehah. haha pelik2
iye ke? rasenyer x kot. haha masih lagi tomboish nyer..
oh well, thats just me. what u see is what u get babeh ;)

ps: jot!!!! nk gi mid valley gak! :(

" nothing is ever complete when you are not here with me"

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 2:25 AM
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