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new fact:

" farah FEELING GILER men sims 2 0,0"

yeah, just now, i spent my last nite here in maklong's hse by onlining and watching jojot playing sims2. but then she invited me to join as well. never tot i wud be so into IT SO MUCH 0_0

oh another new fact #2: even in a virtual game, i am a BIG LOSER in relationships. likewise in real life. doi... 0_0 every relationship i try to build up in sims 2, end up guys becaming more uninterested with me. wtf?

haha ye, saya pelik.
but dats me. so wtv....

ps: ada lagu paramore plak dlm sims 2! haha sorry ar. x pernah men the sims or sims or wtv yg ad. lol
eventhou diorg nyer bahasa mcm pelik but, haha 0_0
at least they got one thing rite; dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh new fact #3: i'm addicted to games -_-" sengal....

and there's few of the character that me and jojot played in the game, look ALOT like someone i know and close. giler sengal, i'm in love with a virtual character :|
why? sebab he's exactly the same yet i can still hit on him haha :D

lol, ok all above are crap, esp the last one. so move on! and forget sahaja.
anggap fasya sudah jadi mengong sedikit

mybe ari ni akn bak to normal? who knows....


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Friday, January 9, 2009 5:08 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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