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current location : mama's aka maklong's hse
reason: enjoying my 4 days holiday :) but its ending :(
i ave tons to tell, like how i BUMPED to certain ppls :D
but the reason i wanted to online from all the busy-ness of aving fun with them :D

"Stroke her ego, Stroke her fire"

its a piece of an article from Men's Health. haha blame ABG DWAN FOR THIS, he bought the mag

seriously, i really like the article haha :D let me read few notes dat is important for me or some GUYS i noe :D, kan kan? :) i miss u mickey :)

DINNERS with friends
your strategy; brag about her.
"By showing public admiration for her or her accomplishments, you raise her social capital"
shw her that you consider yourself lucky to be in her league
your move; follow up with a more personal, related compliment when you're alone with her.

"If you don't compliment her in private, she can perceive your public bragging as just showing off what a good boyfriend or husband you are"

YOU'RE stumped by problem
your strategy; ask her opinion, not advice.
"She's more likely to tell you what she thinks than to give you advice"
"If you ask for her advice,she's going to feel maternal,which isn't very SEXY"
your move; use words like 'opinion', 'feel', and 'think'.

"Even asking 'What do you think I shud do?' is better than, 'Tell me what to do'. "
it validates her opinions and reinforces her confidence in your bond.

She's totally wrong
your strategy; NEVER agree to disagree.
women are more likely to resolve conflict through collaboration than men are.
"Agreeing to disagree shuts down the communication process and never resolves a thing"

"the less comfortable she feels communicating, the lesst confident she'll feel about the relationship"

your move; ask nonjudgemental questions like
"Why do you think that?" or
"Have you thought of it this way?"
it shows respect for her intellect and decisions and she'll be more likely to share her thoughts.

Next to her in a car
your strategy; silence but touch her nonsexually.
women are more satisfied with their relationships when their partners are physically affectionate in a nonerotic manner.

"This kind of physical affection makes a woman feel wanted for more than just her body - which,ironically makes her feel sexy."

She's feeling good
your strategy; make it up to her.
Huh? you aren't in trouble - so it's the ideal time to fix a past mistakes. a woman questions your sincerity when you take action to remedy a problem thats fresh in her mind.

"She'll appreciate your efforts to make her happy much more when she's already in a good mood."
your move; "think about what your last few fights were about, Tailor your behavior as if you were trying to make up for that."

byk sgt info?
saya ni gedik sgt bg tips kepada laki?
knowledge has to be shared,
klu x mcm pokok yang xde nilai :)

tribute to Men's Health

well i don't fancy mag, but we can't judge a book by its cover.
and that also applies to humans being.
so yeah, i'm glad i read it before i speculate so many conclusions since i don't like the cover model. haha XD
what? he's just not my type la
so he has abs? so what? haha
saya masih nk laki mcm TU jugak. eh bukan, bukan laki mcm tu. mcm TU *pointing at him*

oh i vow when i got back from maklong's hse, i'm going to post ur pic haha,
'abg' atok keje kat... um ops! itu rahsia kan atok? :D
xpe, lps ni xde rahsia lagi dah haha
and betul2 lawak sgt mlm tu :)
but sushi king tetap THE BEST :)

but i'll online once i lepas rindu dgn game
ugh, i'm missing my ps2
but sim2 never FAILS ME :D
haha jojot! shower baru tu hot la, leh tgk org mandi tu XD haha
i really can't wait for another sleepover :)

notes; i'm sick and tired of ppl asking me whether i'm fine or not, get the fact straight lil missy and mister dude, i'm not ok, but i DON'T CARE. get that?

- she said she's gonna see me once she came back straight from perlis, i called but no one answered the phone. so JANJI TINGGAL JANJI JE KAN SKRG? pfft dh AGAK DAH

- kesakitan yang saya alami tak kan ada sesiapa yang fahami, so don't come and tell to my face that 'i understand how you feel' when you don't have an EFFING idea how i really feel.

- jangan bandingkan hidup aku dgn hidup kau. hidup aku, hidup aku. hidup ayah dan mak aku, itu hidup mereka. hidup kau, HIDUP KAU. jadi, klu ape2 terjadi, aku akn tetap tolong kau.
tpi jgn ingat kau lebih hebat dari aku dan terlalu ego untuk melihat aku walaupun dgn sebelah mata setelah kau naik giler2 setelah aku tolong ko. AKU X KISAH, sebab aku tau, ko akn jatuh jugak akhirnya dan merangkak kat aku mintak tolong. and the circle of life goes on cause i'm just too NAIVE help u up again. and u'll walk away AGAIN.

- saya tak kaya, mak ayah saya yang kaya. mmg saya bangga, tpi itu harta, bukan HARTA SAYA. ada faham? saya hanya menumpang. klupun gelaran ada, adakah itu melambangkan pemikiran seseorg tu, kebaikan dia? dan dosa pahalanya? x kan? so DON'T ever call me the spoiled rich girl, cause i'm not. i don't ask money from them, but i EARN THEM on my own. and NOT FROM THEM. not anymore. so jangan kau ckp aku boleh dpt apa2 saje. sebab tak pernah dlm seumur hidup aku, aku meminta! dan aku xkn dpt!

so mr H, siap kau klu ko ckp mcm tu lagi
akn ku cilikan mulutmu!

- tak puas hati? ckp straightforward, takyah perli2. takyah berselindung. sebab saya x terasa langsung. saya hanya akn terasa biler awak betul2 ckp terusterang. itu pun belum tentu lagi.
dn kau ingat dri perbuatan kau tau, aku akn sedih? aku akn menangis mata darah?
PLS, i'm sick and EFFING TIRED OF THIS. i'm too numb to be emotional.

- kenapa ek? dlm bulan ni je, dh byk laki cube sakitkn ati aku. kan farah dh ckp dh jot... susah dh nk jumpe laki mcm dlm cite "Let the Love begin". SUSAH SGT.
susah nk jumpe laki yg betul2 JUJUR dan IKHLAS. and plss, pls don't say that you love me, when you don't even noe what is love. plsss, i feel like puking when u say dat three words..

"cinta itu x buta, hanya kita je yang membutai hati kita dgn cinta, dengan itu minda kita TERPESONG."

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