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unpredictably predicted

haha masih x lepas lagi seyh XD

bukan ape ar kan, tpi sebelum ari tu pon dh agak dah
dh agak ape?
ado ar ;)
bukan nya menyesal or x puas ati ke ape ar kan
like i told myself before, i wat bende tu IKHLAS
x mintak balasan LANGSUNG

klu x, aku akn terhegeh2 bagitau semua org la
the thing is, everything i did has been just top OFF by other ppl
waste of time?
just feel like i'm not worth it

the fact that i knew this WUD HAPPEN
i mean, i'm getting USED to it
i go through it EVERY SINGLE DAY
hem xpe la
menangis x gune, mengeluh membuang masa
just smile and walk away
haiya... :)

new fact: taken by syyrul's old post but improvised and the truth about me;
i will never be at the TOP of the list
and apparently what i can really see
and feel

ps; thank you for making me feel like i WAS really an IMPORTANT person
in the end, all this while, i wasn't really THAT IMPORTANT
i never WAS

the 10th time my friends makes me feel like i'm
with my own family
which is a BAD THING
cause my family doesn't really GIVE A DAMN about me
dats y if i ever say ur just like my mom
dats BAD ISSUE babeh

miss unfortunatey
farah hoot hoot! :)

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Friday, January 23, 2009 9:32 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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