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-7 facts about myself-
1. fasya
2. seventeen years old
3. single.
4. i love to sing,dance and act. -____-
5. i starting to cook for my family on my own
6.i love to be loved
7. i'm emotional.

-7 things that scares me-
2. pembalasan pd HARI KIAMAT
3. thunder
5.drunk ppl
6. love

-7 songs that I listen currently-
2. aku bukan pilihan hatimu
3. cinta dalam hati
4. rehab
5. you're not sorry
6. tiada ku mengerti
7. breathe easy :( shit... its raining on my face..

-7 things that I always say-
2. crap..
3. ye sayang..
4. oh..
5. sengal seyh..

-7 most important things-
1. myself, i'm not gonna depend on other ppl anymore
2. self confidence
3.u can't deny we need MONEY these days.
4. friends i guess
5. knowledge
6. family? i guess.. ntah la..

-7 “the first time” in my life-
1. went to a prom
2. went to pavillion, it was the first and the last.
3. breakdown and still aven't figure out yet how to stand up.
4. to be told i'm beautiful.
5.cook something without anybody telling me wht to do.
6. sitting on a field while gazing at the stars.
7. to know what is true love but was left by true love.

-7 Things that i want lately-
1. to feel happy again. seriously, i feel so empty
2. new clothes would be fine for the trip.
3. go out all alone with no one to give u crap.
4. get out of all this stress
5. kelip rambut
6. i want REAL friends
7. i want him back... pfft wtv

-7 person that need to answer back this survey-
i dun ave loads of fans for my blog. so sape nmpk ni and nk wat, take it. i dun mind...


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Friday, December 19, 2008 5:58 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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