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One month just flew by just like that. I realise that I wasn't bored at all. I actually enjoyed letting time pass by. And the more I try to savour and make every second of my holiday productive, the more *yaaaawning* I'm lazy to do a..ny..thing..
*take a deep breath* huh............

Though I did learn alot of choreography from Dance Central and Just Dance. but then I'm still lazy. and now I have to get back in shape to teach Aini and her friends the Roly Poly dance from T-ara.

Huh.... Dont get me wrong. This is an opportunity for me to use time wisely and help people in need, just like I always do.
I just wish I wasn't so lazy... :|

The more I know that I have to do something, the more I become less productive.

Ja ne ! :D *waving*

ps; tgk cerita korea, bercakap mcm korea.
tgk cerita jepun, bercakap mcm jepun.
tgk cerita british, got british accent X)
i wonder if i watch hindustan film I'll endup speaking... err nvm -__-

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Thursday, May 10, 2012 4:35 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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