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Paradise Kiss

Is it weird if I tell you that I like Paradise Kiss (anime) ? :B
Then, would it be more weird if I say I Photobucket Paradise Kiss ? hewhew :P

I haven't watched the Paradise Kiss live. And I don't intend to. The anime (well some called it hentai, but I RESENT THAT :O ) has this awesome drawings and the randomness of cuteness is just what I LOVE about it.
So I don't want to ruin my perspective of this anime :(


:3 Photobucket

The thing is, I found out about this anime through animax 3 or 4 years ago if I'm not mistaken but I didn't get the chance to watched it cause well... my beloved parents took out the mtv package as well as animax. Therefore, :'(

Up until 3 days ago, I didn't know how I got stumbled upon this anime again (I guess I was trying to find a new anime to download and watch) suddenly there was a comment review about anime covering a story about a modelling. I was like, could this be it ? (I forgot the title of the anime that time) And it was !

Unfortunately the link is broken due to the SOPA.
So I went & find the torrent. I don't know, in my opinion torrent is better for me. And clearly it is cause I've successfully obtained it yesterday. It took about 1 and half day, but it was worth it watching it in a high quality with great subs :3

Oh Yeah I so love the intro song and the ending song for Paradise Kiss.

So yeah, call me weird but I love this story. And George is just darn.... sexy ? Lol 'I'll satisfy you till death.'
Its the way he says it... and those words too. I mean, I'd totally fall for it.

Oh well, I used to have a boyfriend with that deep sexy voice. Now I'm stuck with a chipmunk. Haha

Omg, he's gonna kill me if he reads this -_-'

k then bye ! :D

ps; Can't you stop pulling me back to you every time I begin to give up on you ? You're messing up my decisions -__-


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Saturday, May 5, 2012 4:22 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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