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I just found out that one of my ex-classmate from sek18, is getting married to one of her classmates in Maktab.
Eventhough you didn't invite me, let me just say silently through my blog, Congratulations.
I would understand clearly why you would not invite me, I mean, we merely just colleagues. And for the record, I think you had something against me when I first entered the school.

Nonetheless, I'm still happy for you. I'm not as evil I wish to be, or evil as people think I would be.

Speaking of marriage, doesn't it seem most students that just finished diploma is getting either married, engaged or.. married '_'

Gosh.. I haven't even write out my feelings yet, thinking of it has made butterflies all over my stomach and heart. And not in a 'LOVEY DOVEY' way.
Its just, I've been considering the options that I might have after diploma. The pros and cons.
Its, I thought.. I had it all planned out. And I was pretty sure I figured out what were my decisions.

But, as always, God planned ahead of me and twisted all my dreams into something... into an option in either changing my life, or staying where I am now just to secure what I have now.
Now that really hurts, God. Cause you make me think twice of what I can actually achieve in this world. But I guess I'm grateful that you still realise the existence of this sinful human being. And I'll always come back to you.

There are times when I feel, it's too good to be true. But after what we had been through, I can't help but to think that this could work out. After what I had done, it is nothing compared to your forgivingness, caringness, lovingness.
And thats when fear crawl upon me. Fear that I might make the biggest mistake of my life. And it always has to do with letting go of something so precious within me.

The true question, which one is to sacrifice and which will give more pros than the cons the other option offers?

ps;Should I change my life, or miss my flight ?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 2:59 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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