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This is depressing

Persona 4 seems to have this never ending unsolving case which is better than having such unnecessary comedy pervert-ish episodes. Not that I do not enjoy those entertaining scenes, but at one point, it is excruciating to wait for another episode. But I don't want it to end as well. For I won't know what anime left to excite my lifeless boring days. LOL

FairyTail. I have succeeded in getting back on track with the episodes from episode 55 to 122. It was hard, but it was worth it. But maybe I should have slow down on the episodes. Cause if I did, I wouldn't have felt so agonized waiting for the new season ! arghhh !
But seriously, FairyTail never stops with the tears and heart-filling episodes. I think I've cried more than 10 times through all the 100+ episodes. I enjoyed it very much.

Would it be weird that I've been letting myself engulfed in the world of Gossip Girl. Though, I do not enjoy it one bit. Its tiring to see from one drama to another, the kissing, the back stabbing and most importantly, the 18sx scene. Obviously I'm just thankful, I don't lead a free sex life. It would definitely create chaos. Its like, you just can't TRUST ANYONE. You might befriend a person today, but tomorrow, they might come to you and say hey I slept with your boyfriend. But the drama doesn't stops there.

Every story has it's twist. But I must say I developed my language skills watching the drama. Erghh its been ages since this mouth aching for a simple conversation in english. Not that I disregard my own mother language. It's just that.. Huh it's complicated.

Anyway, exam is in the air. I am wasting my time with onlining and with this as well rather than studying for a paper that everybody has been describing as killer paper. Amazingly for this current semester, every paper is a KILLER PAPER. Oh well, you have to go through a lot of rain to get to that pot of gold. It wouldn't be long enough till I'll graduate. One last semester, and I'm..

heh, Goodbye oekaki. You've been such a good and dear friend to me. You're the only who never yell back when I do any wrongs to you. Abandoning you and coming back to write such short post.

Heh, but apparently, this is a long post that no one will ever read. But oekaki, you never seem to give up on me. But soon, I must erase you. For you are the only piece that stops me from letting the past go. Soon...

ps; We will soon meet, if fate desire us to be.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012 5:35 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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