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14th December 2010 Drama

Incident in the train station.
Now this is some effed up DRAMA HERE. so READ THIS. seriously.

We were trying to find the right train to hop on.
And we did found, but we weren't sure if it was. Then suddenly daddy yelled that it was the right train.
But the siren sounded meaning the door was about to closed. I was in front of my family, so I was the first to get in.
All of a sudden the door was closing. My family tried to hold the door.
But nothing could be done. The train had start moving and all I could do was a single punch at the train's door and yelled "Omma."

Alone. In a train. Separated from family. In, Paris. With no handphone.

From a noisy hectic compact crowd, the only sound that could be heard in the train was only the train. The silent was killing me. I could feel everyone's eyes on me. I felt like I was naked in public for the first time.

I was ok that time. I said to myself, I have to get off the next stop hoping maybe they might do the same looking for me.

But then a woman approached me. "Do you speak English?"
"Don't worry dear, all you have to do is just get off at the next stop and wait there. Your family might look you there. So don't worry. If anything happens, go to the police or call your parents. Okay? Don't worry."

Okay. I know that woman was just trying to help and I really appreciate it but it made me more terrified.
I mean, what if they end up going straight to the place we were heading to? So should I get off the next stop or just go straight ahead ?
Dude, I have no phone. Damn, daddy should have given me the phone! But then I couldn't call anyway, cause I have no international roaming.

DAMN ! What am I to do ?

The period pain stings me again. And the coldness of the weather went through my body like poison.
I was frigthened to make a decision.
What if some guy take this opportunity to snatch me away ?

The train stopped.
I immediately got off.
I didn't know what was on my mind, and I couldn't control my body, but as I step outside, I pray to Allah hoping this is the right choice.

And the train left. My mind went blank.
Things went through my mind.
It was like the devils were whispering, making me fear, scared.
I can feel warm tears on my eyes ready to burst any time.

And then a guy was looking at me up and down, trying to approach me. I was terrified, I looked around. There were 3 other strangers. I was not alone.
I walked the other way and sat on the bench, looking at the map like a clueless puppy looking for it's master.

I kept praying to Allah, hoping everything will be alright. I waited for the next train to come.
I stand as the train moving in and once it opens, I looked around hoping I could find faces that I know, faces that I love.
Faces that I am separated.
Non could be found.
I sat back again. Lost, confused, helpless. In any second my cheeks will be raining with tears.


I looked around, knowing those voices.

Alas, there they were, running towards me. I felt like the world was falling back to places. My mother hugged me and everyone was relieved.

"Macam mana alang tergerak hati nak turun kat stop ni? Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah. Nasib baik takde pape."

"Pandai pulak alang."

One to another keep talking. I was so relieved that I cried and laughed.

The funniest thing was, I was never afraid of the fact of me not finding them.
I was afraid of they not be able of seeing me again.

Paris is one fierce place. If pickpocketing is easy for them, then human traficking is easy for them to right ?

Dude ! I don't wanna be sell !

Okay, now that's a drama queen. But then again, this is a drama anyway.

so who's to say I CAN'T BE A DRAMA QUEEN :)

ps; weirdest day ever.


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