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Huda Binti Kamarudin ! :D

She wrote this for the status thing ! :D

1. MMS!! hahaha..
2. first time i noticed u is when u volunteer for Penghuluwati.. i was like, apsl budak nie hype gler ek?? hahaha.. then the next day, u tgor gee and then u duduk selang satu kerusi dr i ble u nmpk pic jay at my hp, u tros pndh seblh i and then i,u and gee dok rancak berbual abput korean artis especially suju ^^.. so jay kinda help us get together :)
3. you are not afraid to be yourself and to speak your mind. you do your work do matter how hard. you inspire me :).. you are not afraid of challenge and you protect and care for the people that you love and that are close to you..
4. too many... the first one is the part where you seat next to me after seein jay's photo on my hp, then during ppkp, we sang during the ending and then we have our own photoshoot at dataran keris, ber"bangla" at my room early second sem, trip to puncak alam, trip to pengkalan balak :)
5. sorry sorry... we kept singing that song during mms and also hero by mariah carey

hope u are having a blast on your trip.. miss you :')
saranghae ♥


ok thats not enough to show you that I cried really hard when I read all those wall posts ok. I love you guys so much and miss you guys badly :')

I love Jay because it fated us two to meet :)
and betul2, byk sangat memories kita :D

and betul2, kita siap pasang video suju la, and then dgr slow2. just nak stay awake :)

i love you KAKLONG !!! :D

don't we look tho coot :)



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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 6:36 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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