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What The ???


this does not make me happy at all.
i could kill that girl right now.

okay maybe i won't, but if she was right in front of me, i'll order my hyenas to slice and eat her face apart >:)

this girl is SOOOOO in my iwishthemdead list [ yes i have that list. HAH ]

maybe i'm being too dramatic -_-"
to jojot; fyi this picture is much more worse than the first one you gave me X(

oh and i'm just VERY curious,
did you really sent that message to me or was it a mistake?
cause it sounds VERY, and i mean VERY VERY MUSHY :)

"Listen to my heartbeat.. its waiting for you.. listen to my heartbeat.. its beating for you.. "

either you're trying to ask me to reply with rhymes cause you know we always do rhymes battles with each other,
OR you're sending me few lyrics of some new song you just found out and you might think i would fell in love with that song,
OR you send it because you missed me which by the way, I MISS YOU ALOT TOO :),
OR OR OR, you accidentally sent it to me by mistake?

yes, this is so me.
when one thing occurs, i put my head in such a burden.
i always think of the possibilities.

for example; [ oh fyi, this just another random fact about me, HEH ]

IF [and that is IF] i suddenly met with this one guy and went totally into crush mode,
i'll probably think twice or thrice or so.

i mean, what if he doesn't like me the way that i do.
what he if he does but he just wants to stick as friends?
what if he does but suddenly in the process things just doesn't work out between us and i had to let go and go through the broken heart process AGAIN [emphasizes]?
and what if suddenly he end up not loving me anymore and cheats on me with some short skirts free hair girl [whoa with details -_-"]?

and there's alot more, but its gonna take me all day just to write it all out.

unfortunately it's 1:35 am right now.

to be honest :|
all above is not even half of what i always think, tsk.

oh that just gaves me an idea.

there's this one youtubers that became famous from posting her videos like marie digby does.
but she didn't do her own originals and stuff, she was like singing a karaoke versions.

her name is esmee denters.
i totally adore her :)

unfortunately universal music group youtube disabled the embedding url :|
i can understand, i mean how can they make money if everything is free right?

Outta Here Pictures, Images and Photos
yeah she's pretty.
i guess thats why she went high up on youtube.
note, this is not a jealous statement.

its a FACT.
you don't see any fat girl with an awesome voice getting popular on youtube right?
that pretty much shows how lame this world is.
whoa, dramatic again my friend ._.'

but aaaaaanyway,
i burden myself again by uploading the song myself

What If - Esmee Denters

the music is perfect, the lyric hit so bad.
pretty much shows why i love it :D

well, i wouldn't be surprised why justin timberlake took her in.
i mean, she has an awesome voice.
she does.

from youtube, now she's world wide.
i doubt malaysia knows about her.

except for certain ppl who i have influenced to hear her song.
yes farhah, i'm talking about you. :P

but yeah, you could check her out yourself at youtube.
i'm totally getting all bluey because of this song :/

ps; hyakuji!
take care!
and i pray that we meet again someday!

wookie does not deserve to be touch that way, HMPH :|

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Sunday, November 15, 2009 1:13 AM
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