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jojot, i want this :'(

it's no fun laughing alone and talking about suju with a big bang fan -_-"
yes, i'm talking about you aini :P

and nurul is starting to like beast 0_0'
hoi, jangan khianati ELF ar :D

well, i am lucky :)
to have a cousin that is the same age as me.
minus the comparison that omma always do -_-"

actually, come to think of it, omma hasn't done that quite a while 0_0
ah, i've grown :)

up Pictures, Images and Photos
why did it came out during fasting month :'(

please please, let it rain of money.
cause i want to watch this badly -_-"

Fran Pictures, Images and Photos
daddy said this show is stupid.
but i find that this show always makes me laugh :D
just how i am laughing to another suju's ehb episode right now :D
err suju again -_-"

sabar fasya, one day you will have the complete seasons of the nanny.
only time is the barrier :)

did i mention that i want to go for rock climbing at seksyen 13?

haih -_-"
day by day, there's alot of thing that i want comes up ._.

oh monday, please come quicker.

um, on a second thought, never mind.
i want to finish my persona before i leave shah alam :)

recommend me a new game please?
cause i'm stuck again and again :)

oh oh and did i mention i want to buy the rock band whole set?
the microphone, the guitar and the drum.

seeeeee? there's always something that i want -_-"

now this is why i want it so badly :)

if jojot watches this video, i can imagine her squealing for my life X)

my harry pot-er 8)

haha :D

ps; i'm sorry.
it's not my fault that my cousin brain washed me with suju so that i wouldn't be so sad :)

yes i'm talking to you stup*d :D

korean fever makes me happy 8)

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Saturday, November 14, 2009 2:07 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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