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My egyptian TINI and My korean LALA

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there."

well, my classmates [soon to be next door class mates, inside story LOL]... wait thats not the right words to start my sentence -__-"

ok ok, AGAIN.
usually, on friday, my classmates and i would play badminton at kemuncak.
but lately, eversince jaya,ruban,sarab and chris entered tuition, we haven't had badminton sessions for a long time. well not that long, but still i miss it :(

but last two weeks ago [ I KNOW! its been so long already -__-" ]

tini came with someone that i haven't met for quite a long time :)
seriously, because her house is at level 22, she's getting SKINNIER -__-"
damn :)


haih kita tiga org je? haha :D

the girl who i am talking about is the girl on the LEFT, LALA.
her name is the same as gjie.
NAJLAA haha. lala, gjie. i still remember PN NORMA always confused with both of you.

and LALA, i still remember you pushing me so hard that i fell off the chair -__-"
haiya... good times good times :)

haa XD how i love you ppl :)
oh on the right, ofcourse you must have known her from my last post, TINI :)
and i did mention her loads of time at my school posts -_-"

haha, i'm the godfather. NOT!!! haha XD
tini, xyah jeles :P ahah JK

natural la SANGAT KAN? haha XD

dh lawa dh tu tini :P

can't you see how HAPPY i am with them? haha XD
oooh lala, and my myvi tini :D
haha :D

ps; hope to hangout with ALL of you guys again :) [note that i wrote there ALL]
please dont forget me, cause I WON'T FORGET YOU :)

ps; credits to natasha for pics. haha yes, I REMEMBER YOU NATASHA KUMARI :P

love you guys ;)


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Saturday, August 15, 2009 10:07 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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