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Dreamland, Ever Had that Dream?

have you ever had that weird dream when you sleep?
it sometimes scares you and weird you out?
and sometimes it occur more than once?


AT 8:30PM TILL 9:30 PM


the floor felt cold. i opened my eyes. white, I'm here again. i cleared my eyes hoping that maybe my eyes are deceiving me, hoping that this is not happening again. failed, I'm still here.
i stood up, and tried to find a way out from this space. but the more i walked, the more this space seems larger and longer. i was all alone... in this WHITE SPACE.
determined, i tried to find a way out. from a distance, i saw figures. people. I ran. i ran and ran. they seem so far. but i didn't stop. my heart was pounding, i could feel it aching and all of my body parts became weaker and weaker. I'd thought i was going to fall and faint.

eventually i did. but my eyes were still open. i catch a glimpse of a blurry figure looking at me.

" Farah.. Farah.." a faint voice coming from the figure. it was A YOUNG man. either same age or older than me.

" Help me... " i said. with a little strength left in me, i slowly raise my right hand, hoping for his reflex to grab it.

He just stood there, looking at me.

" I know who you are, you're always here in my dream. "

" Don't give up Farah. "

I didn't know what he was talking about. He reached for my hand. Another figure came. A girl,
i know. She had a medium length hair. and more figures came. He slowly let go of my hand.
Tears began to rolled down my cheek.

" Please, don't leave me again. Where am i? Why is this dream keep happening? "

I gave out all the strength i had to stand up. I feel weak. Too weak.

" Don't give up Farah. I'm not gonna be here. You're all alone. "

" But we still love you. always remember. " a girl speak.

That voices, i felt it in my guts that i Recognise these voices. I know THEM. but who are they?
I saw their sweet smile. They were smiling at me. Why?
They slowly walked away from me and vanished in this bright light. I know i yelled.
But I couldn't hear my voice. My tears became more vigorous, I pushed myself to stand up, in hopes to stop them from leaving.

" Not again. This can't be happening! Please, don't leave me here all alone. I don't understand, why everybody that i love is leaving, why! "

But just when i succeeded on standing up, they were gone. Its like a gun had been shot into my head, my memories were all coming back to me. I KNEW THEM.

" Don't Give Up.. " his voice were echoing in my mind..

I was scared. I was mad. I couldn't reach out to them. I was furious, because i couldn't hold them in my arms. I felt hopeless and useless. But I didn't give up. I did what he told. I ran forward with hopes i might catch up with them. Pictures of my loved ones one by one were in my mind.

Whether my eyes were lying to me or i saw That Boy again. He was far, but i keep on running to get to him. He was just standing there, yet I felt like i wasn't even getting nearer to him. He was smiling. I called out his name. He waved. It was HIM after all. i felt a slight happiness in my heart, i continue running. tears still running down my face.
As i get near, I saw everyone, Everyone was there, standing with him right next to each other. I felt like jumping and holding them in my Arms.

" Farah!! Fasya!! " They were all smiling and laughing, cheering for me.

I could feel my mouth was blooming a smile. AS I nearly reached them, I felt something was wrong. And its bound to happen.
I stretched my hands out to reach to him, and as i did... I FELL. My body seems to be falling down softly and slowly. As i fall, I saw each and everyone that stood there. He was there, She was there, They were There. Everybody Was There.

" Farah.. Never be afraid. We'll always LOVE YOU "

I fall and fall. I felt like i was drowning. I fight with all my might to reach his hand, I slipped and i couldn't reach it. Everybody stand around me as I fall. My hands were still reaching for out, but nothing or no one pull me, For i was too deep.
I felt like i was choking. I couldn't breathe. I hold my neck with hope i could breathe again.

" argh! " I look around. I'm at my room? heh. That dream again.


- this is not a made up story.

- sorry if this confuses you, ask me if you have any problems.

- it was the same, dream.

- i just felt like talking about the dream since i had one last night.

- they said that if you dreamt a person, it means you miss this person so much.
heh, i guess i miss them TOO much...

ps; " My life hasn't been the same since you've Been Gone "

~ the dreamgirl

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