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HSM, PHSM, Yusmal and Unidentified Actor

3 more days for this


AT 8:30PM TILL 9:30 PM

haha i know,
how did i get so brave posting this on myBLOG

hey a promise is a promise, lol
plus all the days effort for what? just to put private on my youtube?
no way,
i just got few words to say

1; this is like 3 years ago, so obviously i HAVE changed X)
2; we prepared for this competition only for 5 days, so basically we hadn't had much time to actually choreographed X)
3; WE DIDN'T win if you are asking :)
4; what matters to us in the end, WE HAD FUN and we had thousands of memories :)

ps; atok ade kan time tu? :D

one bad thing is that i lost my favourite wallet there -_-"
huh.. every sweet little thing was in there.. waa
ish3 fasya, don't start on that, you ungrateful girl :P

so anyway, enjoy hellena ;)

ok siapa kenal,

haha i'm not that into celebs and all, especially malays
well ok i do know some
haha X)
but anyway back to my main point,
anybody knows this guy? let me give you a hint
he played as the assistant to the bad guy in PONTIANAK HARUM SUNDAL MALAM
haha, still don't know?

yup thats the guy.
still don't know? hantam korg ar haha
well wtv it is, its already on the news
but i still want to state that on 20th march, syeikh mohd yusmal ghazali

what is the relationship between me and their wedding?
thats it haha :P

daddy was outstation so i had to accompanied my mom to this wedding,
turns out the sister to YUSMAL was my mum staff
and yusmal's parents happens to be a close friends with my parents -_-"
and their cuzins live inside my neighbourhood, whaddayanoe, the world is smaller than i ever tot,
lol :P

its not like erra fazira and yusry wedding
or dato' siti nurhaliza *blerghh* lol
or MAWI *pffttt*
hahah giler kejam aku ni X)

but it was grand and important thing is, it was enjoyable
seriously! it was so funny :)
the new ppl i met haha
and how they treat us, it was so ah.. :)

the theme was blue X)
and DAMN the group that performed that nite, was TRES Bien! ah..
i wish i had my own band and i would probably play on my wedding day
eh eh? pengantin nk buat persembahan, xleh bla haha XP

they had a screen play that time
awesome gags X)
what do you expect? he's an actor ;)
and before the wedding starts, a slideshow of photos was on
and there was like tons and tons of sweet words and ah.. with the band singing :) its so awesome i tell ya

and i didn't know he was a LAWYER O,O
mama said that acting was just a part time job O,O
ok! i want to do that! :D

but i don't wanna be a lawyer ofcourse -_-"

sorry blur, time tu tgh gelak sakan and malas nk bgn,
too many attention nanti X) haha
sengal punya fasya :P

told cha it was blue, and the food! ah! wee! haha
tpi disebabkn berada dgn golongan yang atas, terpaksa bersopan, mama menahan ku dari meminta tambah -_-"
btw, you see that guy on the left, HE IS AWESOMELYFUNNY haha
he really made my day ar :)
well whoever you are :)
dia mengingatkan saya pada atok, sebab dia pun atok :D haha

" mana ada sawi kat sini, kenapa dia tibe2 sebut mama sawi? "
" atok! dia ckp mama zowi la! itu nama mak yusmal la, bukan sawi"
* all the ppl who sits there laugh :D *

haha begitulah dinner saya haha :)

ayah yusmal, tgh sibuk melayan mama yapping haha

mama tgh penat, balik dari alor setar terus siap utk wedding ni
" mama nk berhenti keje boleh x alang? "

sure mama, i'll work for you :P

sah aku mmg pemalas, or sudah menjadi pemalu -_-" haiyah..
and i disagree mother, yusmal has he's attractive side
look at that smile! :)
"wah lesung pipit!"
is it that obvious? for some ppl who doesn't has it,they can get sttracted to DIMPLE
why? haha, flashback on what ira said
"eee budak x cukup muscle kt pipi" haha sengal

the bride is VERY PWETTY
no wonder he fell for her :)

he did that twice, the first one was just a surprise,
but then suddenly the photorapher ask to do it one more time
he ran up the stairs again
aww sweet :)

awwwww comel comel comel comel!!
haha okkk tibe2 je -_-"

i tell you, these guys really sway me off my feet wee :)
sungguh mengasyikkan
you know the ironic part, on my way to this wedding, my mum put on ayat2 cinta cds in her car
so the whole time i was listening to tercipta untukku by ungu
ah one of my fav song! :)
and they actually played that song and the vocalist.. aww men..
you should have been there, thats all i have to say..
you should have been there :)

we had to que in line just to go home, well thats obvious
and i tot my mum was gonna faint rite that instant X)

tgh boring time berbaris, snap gmbr la keje :)

yes, masih beratur, haha

finally! :D
i'm sure he doesn't really know me
but when my mum step out
yeah, " oh anak hakim rupanya :) "
ah.. nasib baik sudah kahwin! haha :D
xde ar gurau je
xde maknanya pon O_O

funny how the bride really reminds me of farhah.. huh
:( damn i miss you babe.. waa i really need a hug.. no, i don't want a hug from you mickey, eww O_o

oh oh!! sesiapa kenal laki ni!!
waa i know this guy, he has been acting for so long, i used to had a crush on him when he act on some drama! but i can't remember his own name -_-"

i was walking up the stairs suddenly he look at me cause i was looking thru pics in my cam and he gave me his phone
and said," hey can you take a pic of me and my friends? :)"
ah!! mata aku terbeliak kau! haha
i swear to you, i suddenly become clueless and unmoveable
CRAMP haha
kaku seyh -_-"
he was holding his phone and trying to give it to me
and i was like silent and my hands was only 3 cm from the phne
haha kaku punya ar lama
mesti dia pelik nape i x ambik2 lagi phone dia time tu -_-"
MALU plak haha

and my mind was so puzzled figuring out who is this guy
why he looks so familiar
and why is he so CUTE haha :D

but pls! if you guys know who is this guy, pls tell me :)

sebab i ni mmg x malu, cause 20 minutes after i helped him took pic of him and his friends, baru lah nk memberani kan diri utk mintak tgkp gmbr dgn dier X)

haha but i still don't know who this guy is -_-"
oh and mmg muka i xleh bla
and rapatnya ;) haha
fasya, ish3 ape ni.. ingat status kamu.. kamu dh dicop haha :D
nah,i always remember :)

and thats how i end my 20th of march :)
a total not-plan-dinner-at-somewedding-i-do-not-know-which-endup-becoming-somefamousactor'swedding
haha, weird X)

- on that nite, i wore my old baju kebaya when i was form 2
cnt believe i can still wear it -_-"
no, i'm not saying i'm skinny, i'm saying that i'm SMALL
as in, SHORT -_-"
oh well.. -____-

-i am determined to do that VIDEO hmph!
regardless of what ppl wud say, i'm going to dance my way up!
literally :P


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