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Bukit Cerakah; 3 segmens of My life #1

CAUTION: too many PICS uploaded

today's the day people.
EARTH HOUR, lets show that Malaysia is UNITED

ps; this post is specialised only for pics of my picnic at Bukit Cerakah with my cuzins.
update of my life can be read in my 'another eposide of my life'.


AT 8:30PM TILL 9:30 PM

date: 10th of march 2009
venue: swimming pool at bukit cerakah

ps; daddy, i'll always be you're little princess girl. don't worry, no matter how old i've grown, i still love you and i'll always come back to the place i call home :)
eventhough it might sucks sometimes, but thats family bahaha, ily guys muaaah

this segmen of my life, i called " happyiseverything=picnic"

two nites before picnic day;

hello jojot " hafizah" :)

sayang mama "maklong/azizah"

b-boy cuzin abg dwan "ridhwan"
amazing dancer

candid is my favourite part of life :)
oh , hello paklong " hisham" *middle*
i can hear kakya's crazy laugh X)

aww catty, you know i love you :)
feels nice doesn't it :P
miss you :(

picnic day arrived;

abg said aka hubby kakya :P *middle*
nasi lemak maklong BESSSSSSST :D
tambah smpi gemuk! tpi xpe, saya x kicah! :D

a new discovery :)
kitties that have been taken care by ppl at the swimming pool Bukit Cerakah
i just love kitties :)

and tele-tubbies!! :D some stranger's child came up to us while abg said was posing

tele-tubbie: "eh eh, bwat ape tu??"

awww :D
and i wanted to take a pic of him candid, he realised and spontaneously he smile :D
hey, it rhymes!! haha :D

ppl that never fails to make me laugh and smile everyday
have i told you i love you? haha :D

ps; jojot, tau tak jot pose mcm model, comel sgt sayang :)
mcm misha la ;) haha
kak tati buat mulut, haha :D comel comel comel!
sume dlm gmbr ni comel :)

cat: oit, tepi ar, aku pun nk mandi!
jojot: *blur....*


fact aboutfasya: she is scare of BERUK :/
its just a trauma because of past incident -_-"

thats what we are :)
jojot, abg said

hubby and wifey :D

left; a father, soontobe grandfather
right; a husband soon to be a father

similarity? BELLY haha :D

they almost lookalike :D
mata sepet
except jojot kurus keding X) haha

i've post this on my myspace but wut the heck :D
jojot comel, paklong mengacau x nampak haha :D

haha siku sama dia! :D
sorrry jot, x prasan X)

i'm devastated to upload this, but haha :D
ohwell, just for laugh :)
muscle man!! haha VAIN muscle man i'd say :P

kakya muko burok haha :D
kakya: " kakya x ready lagi la!"

i cry and smile every time i look at this pic, heh

bajet COMEL ar tu! haha :D
mmg pun :P

ok, sorry, nk jadi vain sekejap
tak tau jadi ke tak.. -_-"

" OMG! i'm so cute!! haha kan kan?"

ok! weird saying that way -_-"
abg said masih dgn muscle dier -_-"

lawa kan saya tgkp? haha :D
grouching nose is cute ;)

they said i look like a dugong, i resent that! :D
i look like a mermaid haha :D

peace water :D
awesome kan? ;)

jojot, sorry :/
sebab ini je gmbr yg nmpk jot tgh lompat, yang len sume nmpk splash of water haha
tgk tgk! jojot terapung :)

no, no need to fix your monitor, its my camera, there were water on the lense -_-"
but anyway, abg said is going to flying kick you! watch out! :D

i laugh at these pics :D
butt kicking jojot haha

yeah, i can see your peace jojot
haha ignore my weird face haha :D

jk, we love you abg said :D
sungguh berani nya kamu fasya untuk post ni :)

haha nk promore jugak -_-"

well enough swimming pool haha :D
trust me, there were many many more pool pics but i just don't want post it
1; because its too sexy *pointing to abg said* haha
2; and too expose meaning too hilarious it makes your belly hurt laughing at it :D

this segmen of life, i called "flowers are we=4 seasons"

its like in a movie :)
venue: 4 seasons house

ps; its great to have the privilege to be in this place
thankyou paklong :)

bunga2 cinta :D
my as* look big, bahaha :D
boleh lagi pikir psl tu -_-"

drama korea/japan/ ape2 lagi drama dlm dunia ni haha
kakya dgn jojot comel plak! haha celah2 pokok :)
abaikan ku yg tgh berangan tinggi :)


i love you mama :)
notes; PINK is cute and adorable :D
yeah, i love flowers :)
we are all flowers, blooming..
well until we die, but no emoish words for this post pls :)
flowers are beautiful
as well as we are :)
um ps; except bunga tahi ayam -_-" haha

i definitely feel like i'm in a movie :D
we are like the fox and the hound :)
we fight but become close in the end, and unseperateable
kan jojot? :')
oh dear i'm getting all emoish again! :D

i do, i do, i do, i do!
i just LOVE you!
alang cembeng, kakya kaya haha, kaktati keding and jojot comot :)

aww, love :)
as simple as that

sapa kata farah xde gmbr candid kaktati
hehe :)
lihat la kaktati ku yg comel dan keding X)
ramai peminat ni haha :D

i can't help it! X)
the chemistry was there, i just ADDICTED to photography that i HAD to take this pic :)
yey! credits to me! :D
i love jojot, you're one amazing model :)
haha i have to say sorry to everybody because i keep pushing and forcing them to be my model -_-" haha
especially mr moose haha
ok ok, merapu merapu :|

i'll end this segmen of pics with this :) haha
next segmen! :D

this segmen of life, i called " a walk in the park with jojot= unforgetable"
Damn, i'm getting all teary, hem..
sorry jojot, minggu ni mmg fasya emotional sgt2 -_-"

a walk to remember :)
i love candid pics X)
oh wait, kebanyakan org yang saya syg, sumenyer saya tgkp gmbr buntot dia as in blakang dia je, kenapa ek? haha
more artistic kot X) haha moving on

motif? dua pokok itu :)
muka mmg sungguh COMEL haha

credits to jojot
well boleh nmpk kan kaki dia haha :D
ish3, peha kamu besar fasya haha :D

told cha i love taking candid pic :)

there was a film making but we don't know what movie is it -_-"
haha but all we know its a malay movie :)
psl hantu lagi -_-"

buntot lagi :)
but i love the plants here
can you see that its like the plant is bowing? :)
haha jojot perasan "daulat permaisuri jojot"

i love flowers :)
one of my dream is to be in a land full of flowers :)
so that i could take pics and run like in the movies
wee :D

bersama cikgu hafizah dlm segmen 'Pokok'

"farah tau tak pokok ape tu?"
"tak tau :)"
"itu poko balak, tgk betapa tinggi. lama utk dia besar.
tiu sebabnya balak mahal
plus kualiti MMG BAEEEK punya"
*you can see why she gives thumbs up :D *

yup pokok balak mmg mahal, tpi balak org x mahal haha :D

bersama cikgu hafizah, LAGI haha

" tau tak ape tu?"
"nggak tau sayang :)"
"itu BUNGA la haha :D"
ngok punya cikgu :)
haha ily my dear :)

cikgu hafizah masih dgn yapping dia :)
sungguh stunning, mcm music video :)

"eh eh bunga yang kita suka petik masa kat kecik2 dulu kat skola"
"a'a la jojot"

kuning sungguh menarik perhatian kan? :)
thats why i always loved yellow ever since i was little
it started out because of power rangers and tele-tubbies :)

the end :)

well i know its ALOT
more than i should upload
but i just love snapping pics
to me, every moment and every second is important in my life
and i never want to waste it.
i want to keep it in my memories and live it till the day i die
i know, i sound like the type of person that can't let go of the past,
well maybe thats just who i am?
i love memories but i'm also excited for the future, is it wrong? :)

well you spare time for me, i'll spare time for you
always do :)

quiz of the day

what pic is this? :)
siapa pandai dapat seringgit haha :D


- i wonder if it was reffered to me.
if it was, i swear i'll cry and smile like i did when she called me.
haha too happy that i cried, ish3, fasya you're so emoish,
oh well, what can i do? i miss them so much
i hate seeing a friendship die, just like that :/

-words can easily be said, but they don't know how hard it is to let go the ones that you have given your whole life and love to.
when i say i love you, i mean it.
and i'll never take it back, even after 100 years, i still remember them just the way they are, and love them just for who THEY ARE.
fight? why should i remember?
its just life, love is more important than a silly fight.
its close to show that you trully love someone, and i trully love them.
thats how it will be till the day i inhaled the last breath...

ps; " its not that i'm stupid,

fasyagraphy :)

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