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i don't know why but i'm waiting for the clock to strike 12
like i told u, i never really celebrate valentine and everytime it come
i usually forget, or probably never take note of it

but my friends and co-workers keep talking about valentine
i can't seem to put my mind off from that topic -_-"

so anyway, meanwhile waiting for it,
i'm doing something to prepare for tomorrow :D
no no, its nothing really
and NO, i don't have anyone to be my valentine this year, like any other years :P

but i love OPRAH's quote

"anyone can be YOUR valentine if you LOVE them"


"you don't have to be IN love to have a HAPPY VALENTINE"

bahaha, now thats funny but i guess she's trying to boost up ppl's spirit especially ppls that are single rite now :D

well i'm gonna dedicate one song for you guys
well, i was thinking of making a video of me singing
but then again, my voice would suck the whole thing :D
maaaaybe one day? one
SWEET day :)

hah? celebration?
no no, i'm working tomorrow
and if i'm lucky ENOUGH, i might get the chance to jam with shahril and his geng
but then again, i aven't been that lucky these days -_-"

haih, hidup ni on and off je
janji pon tinggal janji kan?
sehidup semati konon
piraah! haha
no no, jgn terasa, ini utk ayeen bahaha XD

oh well
ting tong!
happy valentine ppl

remember, i love you always :)

oh wanna noe what i prepared actually?
an origami rose :)
well it tough
cause i lack the talent, don't laugh and be sarcastic zaki -_-"
i'm not good with drawings and arts stuff
but i've tried my best :D

the first one was a bit HUMONGO
but it kinda look okay
why i made an origami rose? well actually i made more than one :P
the reason? well, i was thinking of giving to certain special ppls in my life
i know, its just some papers being crumpled up becoming some one lookalike rose
its a fake
and it even may not cost a thing
but i still made it special from my heart
its up to you to decide if its special to you

maybe i'm just hoping TOO much
maybe this cud be a waste of time
but if using time only for you guys is called wasting time
and i don't mind wasting A WHOLE LOT TIME just for them :)

i still ask myself
"would it still be the same? do they still remember all those sweet memories? or they just kept all those hard times when we were fighting?"

they said fighting makes the bond grows deeper as one knows more about the other
i said they're wrong
it makes it hard to breathe
well at least to me.

ps: "pain makes the heart goes stronger.
but why do i feel weaker?"


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Friday, February 13, 2009 11:35 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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