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sing me a song pls :)

i did promised didn't i?
sayang x dpt tgkp full sebab kt ATAS tu ada sign name tmpat atok keje.
oh maybe rmi dh kenal atok
atok gatal! suke ati je add kwn2 nenek :P
but anyway, dis is ATOK biler bekerja di TUT
haha tgk, fasya baik, x bagitau mana atok keje :P

well dats out of the way. haha
just kidding atok
nk tau x caption yg fasya ltk kt gmbr tu plak?
atok suke kan biler fasya letak caption? haha
haha XD
oh kem slm dgn kwn yg lagi satu tu
peramah sgt, kinda nice :P

oh and dis pic was on 23 january
sorry it took so long to post it :D
but i did, so dats whats important :)
see! fasya sanggup visit atok keje JAUH KT SUBANG
ni fasya keje kt shah alam je, xnk lawat :(
and and lawa x baju kimono fasya? :P

BTW, fasya dh lama dh dgr version tu
n nk tau sumfing? fasya tgh belajar chording dia :)
atok nk lagu ape lagi? :)
oh MIYO!! saya dh boleh wat lagu please forgive me :)
so biler nk dtg? ;)
dat song has been stuck in my mind because everyday i listen to that same song at Nyonya kitchen -_-"
ugh, HONESTLY i've becoming even more sentimental-er and probably emotional :D
ok scratch the last part cause somebody just gave a comment saying i'm funny
weirdly enough 0_0

i just realise, this week is all about music :D
i mean, just yesterday i found some AWESOME SONGS
and today, i found another few songs dat really touches my heart
have u guys ever heard M2M
is a girl group, old group
is no longer exist, but one of the vocalist is making her own solo album,
which i dun really admire, but she's ok :)

mr chris; my supervisor
sempena valentine ni
he puts new songs ( which to me old songs but well to us, its sumfing new, why? well die suke psg 8 lagu je, so he added new ones :D )
and it was back to back M2M album
i actually remember half of the songs i've heard long long ago way back when i was lil

Create a playlist at

PLS listen to the day you went away
i swear to you
its a classic touching song
and oh if u realise, somebody made a video compilation of final fantasy
and putting m2m song as the background
check it out at youtube
and actually dats not the real version of the song
i just found out they made a duet of mandarin as well
oh and i never knew that they made an acoustic version of don't say you love me!
ok for those yang pernah MINAT pokemon,
well i bought the soundtrack of the first pokemon movie
so thats really where m2m was recognized by me
haha :D
yeah, my brothers and i are a craze maniac about pokemon
but thats way bak! we were kiddies :)
not that i'm not anymore. i still am
in my own way ofcourse :)

oh well hope u guys enjoy
the songs
eventhou thats only 1% of the songs i am into these days :D
but if you guys have like more new songs
do tell me :)
cause i'm searching for songs to be played on piano
biase la, kene bersiap sedia KLU2 ada org nk lawat :P
haha nah, i just love playing piano
dats all :)

ok sudah pukul 3 pagi, so i think i'm gonna post this
takut memanjang sgt XD

ps: "every second i wonder, if they ever felt the way that i felt for them. pointless of fighting but struggling to let it go"

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Friday, February 13, 2009 1:08 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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