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goodbye long hair days

malas NK cite ape jadi ari ni and what happen vday
hantam la, moving on

new fact aboutfasya; she is keeping A BIG SECRET from the WHOLE entire world

let me rewind it back for ya <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
while i was being so crazy with farhah on the nite we had our sleepover
i told her " hey, i want have a hair cut"
"me too!"
"but idk what hair style"
"well i'll lend u my mags and u can check it out, if there's something that caught ur eye, just go ahead"
so yeah i did flipped through the mags
but nada, not one

so i check on web,
since our life is revolving around IT :)
well bob looks nice on jessica
idr she having short hair 0_0

omg, i totally ADORE keira knightley :)
remember the time when she had to be bald 0_0 whoa
amazing :)

this is the old version rihanna's short hair

this is new version of rihanna
poor rihanna :(
oh FYI, i'm not that big fan of rihanna but she seems to be an icon these days
for some ppl ofcourse
still she's pretty :)

OMG, triple threat
cute,sassy and lovely!
do u think dat suits me? eeeemmm :/
doubts doubts doubts

aww :)
ok! i see something i like :)
but does it suits me?
still that pauses me :/

well then i tried to think maybe i shud just go ahead with medium, AGAIN :|

but then i slapped my face *literally i did*
i told myself
do sumfing dat nobody wud never do
dare urself
show everybody
well at least urself
ur not scare, not anymore
u've changed, INSIDE and OUT

so i let time passes by
and forget everything
until yesterday hit me
mama picked me up from work
and as mum was talking about auntie saranah
*thats my mum's bf, well i think because they're kinda close and all and she is really nice to me*
she resigned and open her own beauty salon
whoa dat was really awesome
and mama ask are u thinking of aving a haircut?
i was kinda shock
but then i didn't hesitate

when i arrived,
it took me like hours and hours to figure out what kind of haircut that i want
the hairstylist was only one
and it was occupied that time
so thank god
that gives me time to rethink and reevaluate 0_0

but later has to come anyway
so i just point this one cute haircut
and everybdy was like go ahead farah
akak iqa was really nice to me :)
*she's auntie saranah's daughter*
auntie sarah is very pretty and skinny!
so i'm not suprised to see akk iqa being so gorgeously hot and skinny :)
envy seyh :)

minus all the fun and laughs that i had before the haircut with them
malas nk cite pjg :P

so the SECRET REVEALS itself

i CUT my hair TOTALLY short :)
comments for now, only my family has seen me with it and auntie saranah's family, so yeah
haha with it? mcm pelik je bunyi dier X)

"OMG! farah! rambut pjg! sayangnyer! are u sure!!" akak iqa when i cut the hair on my own. haha yeah i did, well i cut smpi thp atas bahu je
and the rest akk nancy betulkan :) haha

"tau x, u skrg ni nmpk mcm satu artis jepun ni, rambut dier PENDEK sgt, and ramai org takut dgn dier sebab muke dier kinda tegas, but sebenarnyer everybody misunderstood her, ur LOOk just like her now!"

funny how i dun just LOOk like her, i might even BE in HER shoes :)

i ask kak iqa whats the name of the artis but she forgot -_-"
but she'll send a msg of her name soon :)

"eh cute la alang! but asl mcm pendek sgt -_-" " my mum said dun cut it too short, cause she doesn't want me to look like a guy, oh well 0_0

"asal mcm baru BREAKDOWN putus cinta?" brothers, what can u do about them? lol

"you look different, omg, is dat u farah?? 0,0" haha arigato daddy-o

well straightaway after the haircut, i gave a msg to farhah telling her she wudn't guess wut i've done to my hair
well she did :D
and she's kinda like pissed off because i didn't tell her before and refuse to show her my new haircut pic
bahaha! :D
sorry honey, i have reserved u so dat u can see it LIVE, so u better come back SOON

i want to show to my friends, but..hem..would they want to see it?
and i'm not sure whether i'm gonna post it at blog
idts :D

so i guess, thats what i did on my night of valentine
cutting my own HAIR short
very actually
i know
i remember there used to be like LOADS of ppl against with my decision of cutting it short
i'm sorry for still doing it
but i had to
i know
u hate me now
i hate myself too :)

but i'm loving every second i had the chance to be with you
pls, forgive me? :)
i love you. i really do
plus, it'll grow back rite? :)

ps:" pls forgive me, i can't stop loving you"
*referring to mango* :(


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