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if u seek amy ; f.u.c.k. me - britney

sape ada lagu2 yg baru?
i'm kinda bored rite now. looking through my songs and i just can't get enough with new songs :|

oh YES! man, best giler. lawak dier x bodoh.
and i think time tu kot i sedar yg life has its way to turn from bad to good :)
actually we were planning to see Los and Faun, sebab ramai kata lawak giler. which sumfing that i really need now. excitement to get my pain of my chest.

but then tayangan dier dh tamat time tu, so i was really excited to see twillight but then abg2 aku dan kak anees x suke so terpaksa tgk yes! man. xpe la, x rugi ape2 pon. dan untung skit tgk kan?

rite now, i'm just waiting for harry potter. oh oh! bugsy comel!!! seriously, byk giler movie yg akn kuar best2 giler. for new year's eve, BEDTIME STORIES akn kuar! ADAM SANDLER BABE! GILER CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT. tolong ar, seriously. aku nk sgt kuar. anybody yg sudi jd prince charming utk selamat aku dari gari ini? haha nah, i nk jadi mcm cinderella kt dlm cinderella 3. she fights for what is true and what she deserve; her happily ever after. i want THAT. ok, so i watched cartoons? ape masalah? ramai yg still tgk what? so tolong jgn kutuk ye. kami bukan kanak2. kami CUME MELIHAT DUNIA DARI sudut kegembiraan. :)

oh quote from yes man ; " people these days forgets how to have fun and lost those precious moments when we were kids thinking that the world is a playground"

ur rite. the world is a playground. and we're just lil kiddies, trying to survive. if we get cut and bruises, we don't really care kan? we still keep on playing at the playground sebab nape? sebab kite suke EXCITEMENT :)

wanna noe sumfing? imagine a six year old boy, climbing a tall kitchen rak just to reach his cookies ( well in my situation, he tried to climbed it to get his tin milo, trying to make milo on his own -__-" )
and then suddenly his imaginative mind crawls way beyond everything, he suddenly flapped his wings and yelled " super man!!!" and jumped from that tall kitchen. and he didn't realise that below him awaits a concrite of floor and one thing for sure, he doesn't know he can't FLY :|

so bam! he felled on his face and head. he was bleeding like hell, but he didn't cry at all. he saw the blood and said, "farah, angah tgh cair la." and passed out. ambulans came and the rest is history. ye, kepala dier retak skit dan dikena kan jahitan. :|

lessons ; never leave ur kids alone with an irresponsibles maid.

and yes, this boy is my brother. AHMAD ZUL FIKRI BIN IBRAHIM. the boy who can't FLY :|

sesungguhnya, saya mengagumi abg saya sejak ari itu. i was only 4 years old back then and still walks around with my smelly teddy XD tpi mama buang lepas saya umur 5 tahun :/ sebab dier kte perempuan kene blaja jadi sopan. pffft ape2 je la.... i lived as the only girl with 3 boys in this house. trying to be a girl? is the most toughest part to survive. one rule, if u wanna beat them, u gotta be in it. oh well... flash back is good sumtimes ;)

movie nite out;pls ignore perempuan yg posing sakan itu, she's my sis in law to be, well not that soon XD

i like the lights since i was a child, thats y i love stars. dunno y but to me many variations of lights just mesmerized me. :)
and say hello to my two older brother, saya suruh diorg posing gitu, just to make it much more poyo-er in a pretty way. love the lights :)

bakal suami isteri -__-"

along poyo seyh..

pout? so don't look good on u along haha
ooooh kungfu panda! haha love popcorns :)

at the end of the day, while walking back after watching Yes! man, kak anees's feet were sore so she took off her toe-pump and...

yes ppl, she is bare foot. :|
and on her hands, she is holding her shoes. she walked all the way from the cineleisure to the curve's parking lot bare foot. one day, i wud like to do that.
boleh ka Z ?

" cinta yang tak kesampaian"


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