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breathe easy

sudah pukul 6 pagi, selamat pagi Malaysia :)
again, i didn't sleep. haha this is anotha record ppl, i dun give a damn anymore about my eyes. haha
but i avent sleep in 4 days already :)

haha the last time i slept was only for 2 hours X) itu pun sebab otw nk gi wedding. boring sgt. XD

"the assasin"
"mr. mangorium's wonder emporium" good movie
"pitch black"
"the last man on earth"

me and jojot used to have this fanatic love for EMMA WATSON when we were lil :D. no! we're not les, we just admire her :) haha

seriously, ave u seen her in the first movie of Harry Potter? totally cute! well, that fanatic hobbies was so like ages ago. and suddenly while i was watching hbo's trailer, i saw this new movie " the tale of desperaux" totally cute and sweet. and was really SHOCKED when i found out that emma watson is in the voice casting for the movie. believe me, izzat was there to be da victim. i SCREAMED. haha XD the tambah pula dgn BEDTIME STORIES nyer trailer. god! ave i told u that BUGSY IS CUTE!!!! XD i wish i ave pet like that :)

kawan, sila penuhkan dompet2 kamu. sebab saya sudah penuh kan saya punya :D

saya akan tarik sesiapa saja kuar biler saya balik cameron. so be prepared ;)

oh miyo, biler nk sign kontract ni? dh lame tunggu ni ;) atok jom2! mari kite nyanyi XD saya nk tambh duit lebih skit :D miyo, i'm gonna start my piano lessons next month. i am definitely hoping u will be at the mall. phm??? itukan rumah pertama kamu haha XD baskin robbins :9 can't wait for that! XD

aduh dh 6.30 plak... ok la see ya soon ppl! ave a great end of year! and happy new year :D sebab saya xkn online selama seminggu, so sebab itu kene ckp skrg haha XD

maafkan segala kesalahan saya selama setahun ni, next year saya akn buat lagi haha! xde ar. mari kite buang yg keruh ambik yg jernih. ( diam miyo, jgn ckp psl kentut and all that crap stuff. eww -___-") lets close the book and start a new chp of life :) shall we?

ps; i love u more and more no matter where u. :)
eventhou we ave drifted far apart
but u will always be in my heart
i feel u by my side
every second of my life :)

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Friday, December 26, 2008 6:05 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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