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miserable at best

M: I can't live without her. it hurts farah. pls help me

F: i do love him but i can't be with him farah. i dunno!

M: she's changing! she laughed at me when i was crying like hell!

F: i didn't mean to laughed. but u noe me, we're the same rite? i mean we can't be serious at times when we need to. and we laughed when we are depressed for no reasons. u understand rite, farah? plus i ave to lie to hurt him. to make him believe that i really dun love him anymore. but the truth is, i do!

M: i want second chance! i know i already get loads of chances already. but i realise i ave ruined everything again n again. but i've changed! see! i did wut u told me to. i aven't call or text her yet for 4 hours. farah, i realised how u feel when u broke up with zaki. pls help me!

F: i'm just doing this for his own good and mine too. i can't be for him always. i'm bored being controlled!

M: she totally ignore me... she flirts with other guys rite in front of me..she said she had lots of fun without me... i dunno her anymore..

F: i dun love him anymore. i luv being free!

M: i slapped her. she went too far. she acted like a totally bitch like any guy cud get her for only 10 bucks for one nite.

F: u dun need to worry farah, this is our prob. not urs. shut up mickey!

M: i noe it hurts u, but it hurts me as well. i juz cudn't control myself. i'm sorry farah if i hurt u. but because of i slapped her, she finally realised. thnk GOD.

F: i'm sorry farah. i know i was STUPID.

M: kesabaran i ada tahap dier farah. klu dier wat camni lagi, i x tau ar. i think ur rite. maybe she doesn't love me anymore. thats y she ask to breakup with me. xpe la. wtv it is. its done. lets just see what happen.

me: violence is not the solution. making urself look cheap is not u farhah. and damn i ave the rite to be worried about. 48 miscalled plak! y i ave the rite? because i dun want u guys to lose something so precious in urlife. u will neva see it until u lose it. but once its gone, ur neva gonna get it back. appreciate it while u ave it. breakingup is not the answer. just because ur not with him, doesn't mean u will focus on ur study. u'll remember him every second of ur life. u'll be sorry for what u have done to him. i dun want u guys to ruin ur life just like mine. this is not helping neither of u. look at urself. u both are in a miserable state. both crying but no one is telling the truth. trying to please one another but u can't even help urself up. sorry to say, but pathetic is not u farhah. pathetic is me. so dun be me. be urself.

i left them to settle it out on their own. the ends might not be really meet, but they will figure it out sumday.

MIYO, terima kasih kerana calling saya. memang time tu saya sedih giler. tpi awak telah hembus kan kata2 semangat yg dh lama saya x pernah dgr dari sesiapa pun tpi awak telah hidupkan semula ayat itu dlm hidup saya

" mungkin Allah terlalu sayang dengan kamu, sebab itu dier menguji Keimanan kamu dgn dugaan ini. jadi sayangilah Allah kembali"

miyo, saya nangis dgn kegembiraan. :) terima kasih... saya akan menmpuhi semua ini kerana Allah sayang saya. terima kasih.. saya akn anggap kesakitan yg mereka berikan ini bukan dari mereka tpi dari Allah untuk menguji betapa saya sayang pada Allah atau tidak. :)

Alhamdullillah...syukur saya rasa tenang. and zaki, its ok. i get it. i think its time for me to go alone and be strong. dun worry. u just keep ur promise. while i keep mine.

i love u my friends, lover, cousins. everybody, thank you :)


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 7:40 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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