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going to cameron highland tomorrow. dunno whether jadi ke tak, dun care. i dun really like family trip but wut the heck. i really wish i cud stay at jojot's hse instead but daddy was making his face when i talked about the sleepover thingy. ugh... 0___0

i went through today with happy face and jolly heart. well if u scratch the part where i failed making zaki feel better -_-" then u can consider i'm happy through the whole day.
zaki is so much btter in making me happy. or anybody. oh well, he said at least i tried 0__0

well, i wish u gud luck. dun worry, they won't turn u down. i'm sure of it. i mean cmon. everybody knows ur a niner. mesti leh masuk nyer. possibly few days after these or maybe tomorrow u akn dpt invitation u. chill la! klu x dpt, i akn bagi i punyer ok? itupun klu i dpt gak -_-" haha

diorg kate diorg akn hand in invitation tu personally tpi i duduk kt 18. faraway from 9 la camne la tu -_-" haha xpe la, klu x dpt tu mybe ade hikmah. but zaki ur gonna get urs. i'm sure of it. even if u dun get it, they will allowed u to enter the prom for sure. the once in life time u always dream of. hope u enjoy :)

well i didn't enjoyed mine. the once in lifetime for me became the worst once in life time. well so far haha XD if i cud trade all the things in the world, i wud trade it just to change wut had happen at the prom :(
but fat chance that will happen, so i'm just gonna learn from my lesson :)

kpd sesiape yg memegang kad invitasi ( giler formal -_-") saya and zaki, tolong beritau ye :)
zaki is SO frustrated about it. kasihan dier :) haha

shahril! give me back the chemistry book! u dun need dat.. sengal seyh.. asl la aku leh bagi sume -_-"

ok, mybe i'm not good at making zaki feel better. but i noe for sure i did my best n i succeeded on helping farhah :)
i'm proud with myself for once :)
its good to feel alive.

yey! farhah dh cop i sbg da most secretive person eva ;P ok ok, its bad thing. yes i know mickey.. geez -_-"
yes farhah, i shud ave told u dat i was sad and aving my own problems *rolled eyes* ugh.. nk gedik psl masalah org tapi x tau nk handle masalah sendiri X) haha
dat is so u farhah. look at me! i'm helping other people even when i ave my own probs. cause i feel so much better after helping them :D at least by helping and motivating them, i motivate myself as well. :)
i seriously learn my lesson ar. no more fakey fakey. just wakey wakey :) haha


u dun need to feel good by depending on other ppl, u just need u and FAITH :)
"good things will come for those who waits"

yes yes saya percaya, Allah :)

i had this habit ever since i was a child, i never finish eating what i ate. i mean even my favourite food. seriously, my parents tried everything just to make sure i dun waste any food but i just can't. i especially despise eating outside. i really hate it. oh weddings, ugh i remember. i went to these few weddings and all i eat.. or drink was either juice or plain water. i mean i can't eat. i'm too choosy. and trust me, i was VERY skinny. even my brothers had the same prob, so they force us to eat Appeton just to get our appetite on. well duh, thats wut appeton stands for. lol silly me X) and they even tot there was worms in our stomaches. it was common at that kind of century. they force us to eat this kind of medicine. hey u can't help and runaway from it when u ave a DAD who makes medicine -___-"

the reason i tell u all this is dat today, i ate at sushi king and for the first time, all that we ordered ( and trust me, when we order at sushi king.. its like ordering for 30 people. and thats not even enough. trust me, i'm still hungry -_-" ) we finish every single food that was on our table. 0___0 like whoa! haha seriously this is the first time i eva enjoy eating as a family. wish this cud happen more often. huh... but fat chance. later when we got bak home, my family starts to fight even over lil things. god... -__-"
haha, and for the first time, i was being greedy at sushi king. so advice ppl, do not eat with me if u pick sushi king as the spot. trust me, i'll be A MONSTER. haha mama like the salmon steak and ask angah alil bit from him. i ordered the same thing. i really like the salmon's skin, so i always save the best for the last :D
dad tot i dun want it so he offerd it to mum, i quickly snatched it n put it my bowl of rice. and my bro made a joke " whoa, terus sembunyi. haha" we all laughed :)

one set of salmon steak( fresh hot salmon with sauce& veggies and a bowl of rice)
one california roll :9
two new kind of sushi( i forgot its name -_-")
three sake ( salmon sushi fyi :9)
one eel sushi :) ( baru try, sedap plak!)
two smoked salmons
one takoyaki
one kanikama
one salmon
miso soup :)
japanese tea,ice lemon tea and YA kult haha XD

i repeat, I'M a MONSTER when i'm at sushi king :D

oh well, i'm happy :) and i told you so mama dan ddy. u never listen. note to self; always listen to farah :) cause u may not know what good it will do. n trust me, i noe its GOOD haha pdn muka mama, kene wat keje balik. X) hehe kejam nyer. sorry! len kali dgr ckp farah ek! klu x xkn hilang dokumen mama tu. :) and daddy 0_0 i stay up all nite in front of the computer, i do alot of assignment WITH komputers. god u think i'm so stupid? len kali dgr ye :) and itu la akibat nya tidak mendengar kata2 anak.

mama: farah lambat sgt. mama terus buat la. pastu mama save je. x tau lak hilang camtu :(

daddy: mane leh farah, mama dh save. xpe la daddy lagi tau. mesti ade nyer dokumen tu. daddy jadi superhero untuk selamatkan dier. bukan camtu farah. nanti hilang la segalanya. biarlah daddy buat. farah x tau!

in the end, they both lost the dokumen and they had to do it again, WITH MY HELP :)

i'm full of joy today weeeeee :)

ps; i love u, i miss u and i still need u :)

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Friday, December 26, 2008 3:55 AM
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