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life gets 'better' and 'better'

hem.u may all think dat when i say better, i mean like literally better. but actually i'm juz being sarcastic my dear. da reason i didn't went to schl today is b'coz ;uno:tired, dos:lazy and tres:stres!!!
have u eva had dat feeling sumtimes dat u think or maybe know or feel dat there is dis sumone dat really understand u and u can depend on them/he/she anytime.. but then again everything crashes in front of your eyes. you started to realise u can neva depend on him/her/them.. or anybdy else.. coz when u start to depend on sumfing, ur putting all hope on them. but when it turns out all wrong, you feel so hopeless and is like falling from the highest builiding.. mountain, and there is no one to grab your hand from falling vry hard..your falling so fast that the wind feels like knife cuts rite through you. lol i'm being so emo! well anyway u get da point.

i'm juz saying dat there are times when u want to feel needed,protected,cared.. loved. but life is juz like dat u know.sumtimes we're up.sumtimes we're down.u can't run away.its how u balance urself when ur up, and think again.
life isn't about them.its about u.u determined how ur life shud be.hey.. if they throw u trash, dat doesn't mean u ave to throw trash bak at them.well u do ave the rite to throw trash at them.. wait think again. do u? or God ave da rite to do dat? :] we have a mind. a perfect mind that has been given to think clearly.sumtimes ppl neva appreciate things dat has been given.thats y they make mistake n blame others for it.

i'm juz saying.. instead of throwing bak trash to them, y dun make use of it? turn it from trash to sumfing wonderful. show to them no gooders that no matter how low they throw u.. wait. us! no matter hw low they throw us and put our hopes down, they dun determined our life. we decide! wtv they do, they'll neva bring us down. cause the glory of winning is not in da counts of winning, its how u get up from losing.
i know i know. sumtimes it's juz easier said than being done. but guess what? the more u believe in it, the more it is easier being done. :D so believe in urself will ya? coz who else dats gonna believe? winning usually comes from 1% of supports but 99% of it comes from urself. ahaks! Y AM I BEING SO MOTIVATIVE! then again this is my blog. so wut da heck aite??? :D well toodles. sumbody ask me to go to sleep. so i think i shud. tata for now! :}


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Monday, July 21, 2008 10:56 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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