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we're in heaven

here i am, 2:46 in the morning doing blog. this post was suppose to be about les fab when i was writing it few days ago. but i dun wut stop me from writing da post. and now i forgot wut was it that i was going to wrote on dis post. oh well.. new day new post. haha
its not dat i can't sleep. its juz dat i miss dat sumone n i've got loads of things in my mind. i hate it when dat happen. i got da syptoms of insomnia when things are so cramped up inside me head! yes yes i know. its ' my head' not ' me head'. well screw u! haha
plus amy ask me to download loads of songs for him n his cuzin(i think). well they put me in alot of problems! i ave neva download and put songs in ipod b4. so how da heck i wud noe! its not dat i'm complaining or anyfing. plus i'm happy to help ppl. its juz dat they shud ave known betta all dis stuff themselves n give me instruction. when i tried to sync the songs into the ipod, it said dat if i sync, all the data and files in da ipod wud be lost n replaced wiv da new ones. geez like dat wud help me. not to meantion i didn't noe dat if we save in da library of itunes, it wudnt like save directly into it. it is juz a backup files dat needs the real original location like windows media player n etc. so when i delete dis whole folder full of files dat i aven been downloading for 5 days. it was all gone! shit.. not to meantion i aven't sync it in ipod yet. now how da heck am i gonna download it again. ugh prob n probs. not to mention tomorrow mybe i'll be aving a physics test at 2syen. shit! i aven't studied. n all my hmwrk is still on hold! n here am i still doing dis downloadings stuff n writing dis blogs juz to past da time while itunes doing da syncing.. wait 4 a sec. lol juz checking whether da syncing is finish.
damn i'm wrkng so hard on dis! not to metion i still haven't recovered yet da deleted files. 49 files ppl! it sound little but to find n download all of it takes huge time! especially when u ave a very low and slow n stupid modem connected to ur computer! lol
i may sound cool or juz being hyper n all. but i'm serious ppl. i am extremely mad rite now! i cud roar if i want to! i cud even kill sumbody rite now. ......... lol do u believe it? i can't believe it myself either. i'm smiling for god sake! but dat doesn't mean i enjoy dis. i do not enjoy dis. note to self! do a backup file. wait dats not it. oh yeah. b4 delete, think!... ah... dats not rite either. oh i get it. stop helping other ppl!! help urself will ya! lol i wish i cud shot all dat words n plant it in my head. coz i can't seem to understand da princip of help u b4 others.
damn! i must have waste ur time reading all dis stuff rite? haha
oh guess wut is the greatest part. yup there IS a greatest part. all of da songs dat i tried to sync juz now. well i deleted it thinking my job is done(when it wasn't!).. n now in da ipod too.. ave already gone! yey me. wut am i gonna do now. em em em! yey me! for aving so many problems. huh.. so sleepy! shit. i am so damn tired rite now.i'll think of sumfing i guess... eventually. huh..moose.. i miss u...really badly..i ain't enjoying being so away from u and obvly i ain't enjoying dis! lol. oh juz ave to move on. huh. till then.. toodly woodly doo!


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Saturday, July 26, 2008 5:55 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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