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week of 'joyfulness!'

i'm feeling so fucked up rite now. hey you! r u serious dat ur apologizing to me! for god sake. all i need is not ur apology...well at least a sincere one.. but did i get it? not at all.. instead ur sleeping ur head off n snoozing while i'm keeping all of dis to myself! dun u realise dat i need u! nufing else! i know i know! its b'coz of da hope thingy! well i dun want to point fingers here but everyfing juz crashed down everytime i build it up u know! life is juz like dat. but i dun care! i still luv u! huh...dun u believe me?? y....y can't u understand...i dun need anyone other than u... he can comfort me loads of time..but da person dat i want n need....huh...i need u....y.....instead of u....tears is accompaning me....n it goes on every nite.....i hate i so bad....i guess i dun deserve being happy..i'll juz ruin other ppl's happiness instead....might as well let my feelings bottled up inside....da thing dat i hate da most is dat i'm gonna go to school today and act as if nufing hppn in front of everybody...i'm da greatest actress in dis whole entire world...ok then! lets put on dat fake smile...oh wait...its already on. haha...huh...i'm so stupid...


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 1:09 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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