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I'm Sorry

pain from playing tennis can be felt on my left arm.
pain from me bleeding through my private place can be felt throughout my whole body.
stomachache from not enough consuming carbohydrates or food.
college problem. transferring problem. family problem. friend problem. and most of all, love.

nothing can define the situation i've put myself in.

Allah, i hope that this is another plan of yours in making me stronger and understand that i'm still weak. cause i can see that i'm a such horrible human being.
but something inside me telling me through this pain, i must not give up.
though 99% of my life feels like dying is the best solution to repairing the mistakes i've done. but there's this one 1% telling me, if you still love, then don't give up.
prove it, show it.

Yes i did alot of mistakes.

i just need to get up. i have to wake up. stop dreaming.
this is the reality of life.
it will f*, but don't f* it by your own mistakes. let it f* u. and you have to f* it back. but never let it f* all the way without any effort to fight back.

oh god, the monthly pain is pounding. Allah, please spare me and guide me through this.

if this test was to make me realise that i am slightly forgetting who i am, then i'm sorry. i might lose my trail but i'm always on the right track.

I'm sorry Azlan Sulaiman. i'm sorry for all the wrongs that i've done. i'm imperfections has caused you alot of hurt. I admit that i wasn't loyal. but i've always love you. and always will. no matter how much we have gone through, i still want you and need you.
i will wait for you until you forgive me and accept me as i am. i will change myself, my attitude and my imperfections. i'm sorry.
but if fate has set that you find someone else, then i must have been cursed to be all alone. hem.

again, i will always love you. byane oppa.

ps; hurt me, curse me, swear to me if that will make you stay with me and love me.

pss; lets study mass media.

farahsyafiqah binti ibrahim


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Thursday, November 11, 2010 4:06 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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