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Random 2#

i know i know.
i shouldn't be here right now :)
don't worry, everything is set.
bags are packed.
i am going with queeny's plan, which is not to bring everything this week.
because i will hardly be in my room with MMS going on.
and gjie said for sports, the only attire that are allowed are PLAIN WHITE T'S.
sheesh, not only i don't have plain white t's, i can't even find white t's in my closet -_-'

jgn kutuk ar.
farhah went "gedik ar you, baju punya berlambak, tapi satu t-shirt putih pun takde.
tu la, beli hitam je tau"

ok, i've learned my lesson.
i didn't bought my new clothes in black anymore :P

omma bought me this at Giant yesterday.
she wanted to buy me a baju kurung cause she felt guilty cause she didn't bought any new baju kurung.
*argh i can still hear queeny's and gjie's voice talking about me getting new thing X) *
but the selection of baju kurung there, were well as daddy said,
" Mcm orang Tua "

no offense !
i just think i like to act my age.
i don't want to grow up too fast :)

so in the end, my eyes caught up with this.
omma couldn't say no to it, well because..
well.. you can see it for yourself :)
and yes, this picture is taken using my dslr X)


ok i'm off to writing the real post i've been meaning to write about, but postponed.
sorry, really busy with the whole melaka thingy X)

ps; girls. i miss you :)

wish me luck

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Saturday, December 26, 2009 11:38 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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