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Message From Ketua Blok For 2010


let it echos to the heavens :)

few people asked how did i update my blog during MMS -_-'
hello ?? handphone please :)
but after this, not anymore.

i'm bringing my laptop this week.
first week of kuliah is next week :)
but daddy doesn't allowed me to bring my dslr yet X((

just few days ago, i forced my tired self when will the hell's life end ? back then, thursday was so far away :)
oh, yeah, it's new year -__-'

i'm sorry to those who called and sms-ed.
i arrived home at 10 pm sumfing last nite.
with feeling all blur and sleepy, i woke up and got up from the car and dragged all my stuff upstair straight to my sweet bed.
and all that i can do in between that time was saying hello to my room :)

yes, on the eve of New Year, i slept -_-'
how lame -__-'
ops, nanti queeny terasa :P
bahaha :D

i'll be at shah alam until tomorrow.
well, i know that i can go back on sunday, but i prefer to go back on saturday :)
at least with that, i am mentally prepared for the kuliah :)
sigh, saturday -_-' how fast X(

oh ! and guess what ?? :D

i completed my 2009 year resolution :)
i did NOT DATE, HOOK UP, COUPLE or anything that had any relations with those for one whole year :D

yeah proud proud *muka bangga*

oh and, i got my laptop and dslr as well X)

ok ok, it's 8 am.
and i haven't shower yet -__-'

oh yeah, budak asrama :D
sudah bangun awal setiap pagi.

along was almost screaming when he saw me waking up at 6 -__-'
tsk :P

college :)
how i miss it so much -__-'
but not as mush as i miss home of course :P
oh i mean much -_-'

moooooosy !
i miss you dude !
i want to see you !

there's sooo many things i want tell you X(

ok ok, off to get all 'wangi' XD
oh my GUCCI, omma nak masak spaghetty cabonara hari ni :O
omma really miss me :)

she even sent me msg during mms -__-'
what a shocker :D

she sent that msg twice kot :D
cause daddy said her phone had some trouble, so they couldn't send the msg.
so they used daddy's phone.
but i received the msg anyway -_-'

angah called during mms -__-'

irham texted on the first day how my mms day was going.
aww :)
i'm really touched okay ? :D

seriously, i am :D
*lihatlah air mata sudah bergenang*

well i'll be making a list if i have to write the names of the people that i miss.
so here me out people !

i miss you very much !
i miss reading nuha's sastera slash doctoric way writing.
i miss laughing at every single nonsense fazra write up X)

and i miss my bestfriends :)

sigh, life is just not the same without friends :)

oh pictures will be posted soon.
off off off


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Friday, January 1, 2010 7:50 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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