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Wall Climbing, 23/12/2009

ok, i'm sorry, but i need to do this in a hurry.

first of all i would like to say, thankyou to the people who made the day worked including daddy eventhough he hesitate to let me out.

queeny,farhah,gjie,ana,shahril,nazif,ayie,aizat,shark,farid,zarif, and i'm putting niks brothers here eventhough u guys came late :P and of course the people who helped us for rock climbing.
sorry if we were too noisy :P

yes, here it is.
the POST :)

ps; there's more picture on my facebook.
check it out.

one of the reason daddy went ballistic with me -_-'
nazif, you can't come to my house anymore :P

kudos to ana taking this picture :D
err i will never look at mushroom burger the same anymore :P

shahril came :)
cause i invited him so -_-'

as ana said on FB; "2012 ! "
haha :D
yes i took this picture :)
oh oh, and meet aizat, eventhough he turns his face away from the camera -_-'

i meet some ol' friends from sek2 :D

and also, i made new friends ! :D
shark, farid and zharif :)
aizat's friends to be precise :P

queeny invited ayie. and he did came :D

thats the wall we're gonna climb, but unfortunately, only few of us has done wall climbing before.
so all of us climbed the baby wall :)

ps; can you guess who's the two people in this picture ? :)
hints, they put their relationship status IN RELATIONSHIP JUST TODAY :D

you see that ?
everybody leaves me.

berbagai ragam X)
only one person that knows i was taking picture that time :P
aizat : "fasya mcm cikgu jln kat depan sorg. " PFFT :P

weird couple -__-'

gjie : *babbles
ana: *ignores

haha, thats what queeny said :D

trying to to figure out how to wear the 'cawat' thingy :P

the first two person to go first.
queeny has done this for the third time, so she's officially a pro in doing this -_-'
while nazif on the other hand was rejecting the offer to wall climb because of his fear of heights.
but while paying up, he said he will do it once.
in the end, he ended up doing twice :D
talking about conquering your fear on the spot X)

the next pair was gjie and ana.
everybody take turns, ya see ? :D

gjie was stuck up there -_-'
gjie yelling "can i take my SHOES off? It's slipper ! "
but she didn't take it off anyway.
she was stuck there for, i dont know -_-', probably almost 10 minutes.
sheesh, i can't stand up there for more than 1 minutes.
it's too scary to look down O,O

aizat's and shark's turn.
aizat mesti kalahnya :P
well he didn't actually -_-'
he just got lucky :P
oh and guess what, DIA TUKAR SELUAR :P
LOL come with prepared konon :P

farid and zharif.
siap pakai sunglasses lagi tuuu 8)

farhah :)
she said she has done it before at melaka.
but i still won the race ! haiyaa ! *kungfu pose* :D

you see how determine i was :)
it's not about what's on the other side, IT'S THE CLIMB :)

queeny donated one of her chance to ayie. and ana gave shahril try to.
pfft, shahril had problems going UP AAAAND DOWN.
it took him more than 10 minutes just to climb up, and it tooks him more than 10 minutes just to let go of the rail and come down.
and once he's down..

he kneel to the ground -__-'
LOL, he didn't get to conquer his fear. oh well.
at least he tried :D

one of the people who helped us by holding the ropes.
haha, thank god he was sporting :D
i hope if i go for wall climbing again there, he'll be there, cause i like a friendly service more than a formal -_-'

aizat will be my senior cause he's in masscom at melaka as well :D
he's in part six -_-'
he likes to tease me alot. so i hope i don't bump with him too much at melaka :P

err, it's like he just read my mind -_-'
apsal wat muka tak puas hati hah ? ada hutang ka ? :P
pfft XD

bajet cute la tu :P
photographer yg buat korg nampak cute la :P
haha XD

aizat kalah !! haha XD

eventhough gjie won, she still can't get down eve after the second time -_-'
so if you can see these two lovey dovey *puke* couple was trying to help gjie down by yelling -_-'
nazif went from not knowing anything to advicing people how to get down from the wall :P

don't ask -___-'
xde la, aizat was trying to help the kakak because, well because...
what was it again -_-'
it still looks weird to me :P

nazif went for the second time.

queeny and ana :)

ana : "how to stop ! "
lol she knows how to ride it, but doesn't know how to stop it -_-'

aaaaawww how.. NOT SWEEET ?!
lol :D

i don't like you either nazif :P

everybody already tired -_-'

tired, hungry. -__-'

the niks brothers came like 5.30 sumfing -_-'
they were even more late than usuals. LOL
well at least they make effort to come anyway :)



queeny being all naughty with ayie's car XD

when we were on our way back, we saw rainbow.
haha, what a closure for that day huh ? :)

seriously, i had loads of fun with you guys.
thank you for everything :)
i hope we could do this again some day soon :)
and next time, let's go for paintball.
i've always wanted to play paintball X)

coincidentally, the guys were going to same way as we were :P

oh well.
i am really tired right now.
sorry if there's more picture that i didn't post up.
but you can always check facebook :)

well thank you.
good bye :)

i wish our friendships are as colourful as rainbow :)

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