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Videocalling From Qatar To Malaysia

i was effing busy editing pictures that i forgot to make myself visible on ym -_-'
no, thats not the problem.
the problem is that i promise liyana that i would online at 2, ey jap.
OKAY, i remembered promising her last night that i would online and video call her at 2.
and currently it is 2:27 am.

err, ok nampak sgt mcm i cube nk elak diri dari dipersalah kan.
ok, fine.
I'M SO SORRY liyana for making you wait :(

but here's my redemption.
but honestly i was hoping that you would online in the next few hours, cause i don't think i would online like this tomorrow.
haiyaah -_-'

my room is in a mess.
crap, that reminds me that i need to do this post as quickly as possible to get back with the packing thingy.

enjoy your pictures :P



who would have thought from a simple hello and lost contact for 3 years, suddenly while playing Yiruma - Rivers Flow In You, some girl just bust into the room and that girl happens to be the same girl who said hello to you 3 years ago :D

yes, i am reminiscing :)
it was the moment where i felt happy.

and it's not easy to find someone who really appreciates what you did for them :)
but Liyana does. She appreciates me.
and I felt the same way towards her.

i love you la liyana :P

and those pictures above, its picture i took with print screen and dslr.
the moving one is the one i took by dslr.

seriously, talking to her through a laptop is like talking to her in real life, except i can't touch her or hug her -__-'
but we like to imagine we hug :D

argh, queeny just reminds me how i should be sleeping early -_-'

well, since i'm doing this in a hurry, i'll stop here.

oh and liyana was like the second person that i showed my new handphone and dslr using ym videocalling X)

yes, i like to show off my things.
its my main source of being happy.
heh, not really.
i just like to share my happiness.

and hello liyana, I AM NOT RICH.
klu i kaya, i takyah pergi ke melaka utk belajar :P

i'm the one who is living at Malaysia, NOT YOU.
you're living far away from me at some foreign place eating a 20 dollar ice cream -__-'
yes, i merajuk psl tu :P

waaa i want basking robbins X(

ok ok, need to get back to pack.
good night X)

or morning. PFFT

listening to How To Touch a Girl - Jojo

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Saturday, December 26, 2009 1:22 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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