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Typical Malaysians 2#

sebenarnya bukan nya aku nak post sgt bende ni *please bare with me, for some reason i just think that maybe this post is literally for typical malaysians post. well sort of*
tapi masalahnya, aku dah terkene kutuk kat youtube dulu.
ok ter tu patut di buang dari ayat tu.

here's the thing,
somebody needs to tell these trolls to effing get a LIFE.

or at least, klu takleh nak menghalang mereka yang sudah 'sesat',
mencegah boleh dilakukan, betul tak ?

prevention is better than cure.

point taken.

so please do listen to me.
i beg of you.
if there's a bit of goodness in your heart,
hear me out.
understand it, do it, and spread it out.

it is an embarrassment to see us malaysians doing these kind of things to each other.


lie is the most TERRIBLE THING.
with one small tiny lie, you can make world war 3 to happen abruptly.
i'm not kidding.

you think your life is going to change if you sit around in front of your freaking laptop or computer or you might even be in the CC, GOD KNOWS, and send awful mean nasty F comments ?
please, if you are not one of them,
GOOD. do not be one of them.

just cause you think it is an online surfing net, and people won't know who you are, cause you're just an anonymous person, you go around attacking others people web,blog,video,page,profile, or what ever it is.

how rude can you get ?

no seriously, i want ask u something.

how do you sleep with tons of people out there desiring to find out who you are, where you are, JUST SO THAT THEY CAN KILL YOU.

man, how stupid can you get ?
you think people can't trace you.
heeeelllo !
it's 2009 and almost 2010.

the government can trace anything la.
*typical malaysian words*

so what if i play the instrument, so what if he sings, so what if i wear scarf and does those two things at the same time ?
have i ever criticized your life ? i don't think so.
i don't even know who you are to begin with.

and now you're telling me, you're some politic from some party trying to help the society through YOUTUBE-ING !!!???


errghh, i don't have time for this.
good morning.
its 5 am.
and i haven't done my medical checkup for uitm and i was too late when i asked for my parents salary slip.

my life turn out great so far.
and it would have been better off without TROLLS.

ps; i'm not mad.
seriously, i'm not.
seeee, i'm smilling :)

i'm too happy to be mad.
i just think something has to be done about these trolls.

good morning, have a nice day :)

oh pss; this post is not complete -__-'

listening to look only at me - Tae Yang


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Friday, December 25, 2009 4:22 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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