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Kun FayaKun

On second thought,
Because of the species CALLED MAN, I've become stronger and immune with the negativity of life.

So let me just say Thank You.
Thank you for breaking me to pieces and letting me build myself up from scratch on my own.
I've become stronger because of you people.

From scars, from bruises, from broken promises, from lies, from disappointments.
From all of that, I've become better than I could have be.

To be honest, you didn't had to put me go through all of that actually.
I was even better before all of it.
But it's ok.
Sometimes you just have to fall down real HARD to get what you earn.

And what I earn is happiness.

So MR so faithful to his gf, I hope you're serious with her. Cause if I see another girl broken because of you or the other way around. heh
I don't wanna say anything ok.

Everything is all is Allah's hand. Kun Fa Ya Kun.

"Tapi saya lebih sayang Allah."

I want a guy to love me not because of me. But because of Allah.

Muhasabahlah diri mu.

ps; I'm not perfect. I know. But that just mean you're not too :)



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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 12:59 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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