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3rd Day : 8 Things That Annoys Me

confused ? read 1st post and 2nd post

i. PMS
A common symptom in almost every girl in this world.
When you have PMS, you have mood swings, back pain, weak strength and even, PIMPLES.
Yes, trust me, when I'm having that time of the month, DON'T mess with me.
Any irritating jokes that I feel like I can't take, say saeunara to your life :)

ii. Unknown numbers/miss calls.
Don't you just hate it when you have no idea who is calling you but every time you try to pick up the phone and suddenly the other line just hang up when you were about to say hello ?
Seriously man. It's almost 2011. Can't you get any lamer than that ?
And yes, don't text me asking who I am. If I ever get a hold of you, you won't see another sunrise. Seriously. If you're clever enough to get my number without me knowing who you are, then I think you're not THAT DUMB to figure out who I am.
*note the despise tone*

iii. Accusations.
Seriously, it's like waaaaaaay against my principle of life if someone starts judging me and accusing me of what I haven't done.
It sickens me to actually think that they have the right to tell me off.
Even my family. Seriously.

iv. Break up.

I hate that word. I do. I just hate either it is for better or for wrongs. I just hate it. Sorry.

v. Unappreciated.
Seriously, this has come to a point that it is not even annoying anymore. IT HURTS DEEP.
You tried your best, gave your best, but no one seem to acknowledge all those hard work. Gosh, feels like punching the wall again. Seriously.

vi. Backstabbers, Liars, Cheaters, Bitches, Jerks, F*ckers and etc etc.
This is common. So thats why I'm putting it in the same list.

vii. Provoke.
There those who are clever in making jokes. But there those who are dumb in making jokes.
My friend, to your circle of friends, you might be funny. But just so you know, not everyone is the same as your circle of friends. So, walk out that stupid shell of yours, and check the real world for once.
Cause if you're not funny in making jokes, then I feel as if you're provoking me.
And with that, I AM ANNOYED. Thank you :)


viii. Late.
I hate waiting. I don't mind for 5 minutes but, for freaking 1 hours ? 2 hours ? HELL NO WAY !
so yeah, Late :)

so there you go.
hope anyone of you guys if have any free time, you guys can do this tag thingy ;)

have a nice Merry Christmas :D

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Saturday, December 25, 2010 3:38 PM
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