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2nd Day; 9 Things I Do Everyday

confused about this post ?
read the first post here

i. Of course eat, sleep, shower, drink, poop, pee, walk, sit, pray(if i'm not period) and non the less, living. All of that happens every single freaking day. So yeah, that pretty much sums it all for number one. move along~ lol :P

ii. FACEBOOK. Now that's a must these days. But once i'm back at Lendu, Facebook will be the least option. As what they all said, Part 3 is the craziest sem. Well I have to repeat one paper, so I guess it'll be VERY crazy. Oh well
Karma always bites. And I deserve it I guess. move along~

iii. Songs.
seriously, I'd be lost without songs and zikrullah. yeah, I can't say that I AM REALLY REALLY RELIGIOUS, but I know where I stand.

iv. Dance.
whether there's song or not, I'll dance my day away. Lol and thats just how much I love it.

v. Sing.
Do I need to explain this ? Nope. Not at all :)

vi. Azlan Sulaiman.
Ok my oppa is soo conquering my posts. Lol
He is a must in everyday. Call, sms, Facebook IM, Skype. And I even sacrifice my time and money to spend it with him at his workplace.
heh, wonder if he will ever realise how much I've given him. move along~

vii. Sudoku.
I love playing sudoku. Oh wait I already said this on the last post.
Oh well :)

viii. Youtube
errgh now I realise how boring my life is at home. I don't go out much except going to Oppa's workplace.


ix. err.. *thinking thinking*
God, I can't think of anything else -__-'
I don't really watch TV. Oh right, piano.
Ok don't want to think anymore. lol

See ya.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3:39 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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