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Dear friend,

I am really disappointed with you.
Not only you ruined my relationship because of your stupidity. Seriously, it was your fault to begin with. Why destroy mine just because your's are going down the drain ?
Seriously man, I can't believe you.
For so long, I've been patient with you. I EVEN LIED FOR YOU TO YOUR CURRENT 'GIRLFRIEND'.


Well, I wish you farewell, and I hope she is THE ONE. Cause I still remember, YOU GAVE ME HOPE that you will come back to me. I WASTED MY LIFE WAITING FOR A GUY WHO ACTUALLY REPLACED ME AND HAD NO HEART TO EVEN CONSIDER HOW I FELT.


The fact that I still care about you, just hurts me more. Cause I really dont wanna wish you well. But all that I wish right now, is for you to realise how much I've put myself in for you and to thank me someday.

But for that to happen, it's like wishing for snow in Malaysia.

And to you "current girlfriend", I'm sorry that I've caused alot of hassle.
Never have once I meant bad things.
He was the bestest friend I've ever had. He is more than anyone could be.
He was more that I didn't even see that he would do this.

Jodoh di tangan Tuhan.

Biarlah Allah tentukan segalanya.

I will not fall for a guy anymore.

I've been pushed away, turned down, pulled in, scratched, scars.
All of that, lead me to nothing.

Allah, give me strength to go through this.
Don't ever ever let me feel vulnerable. I want to feel as strong as I am now for as long as I live.

Oh yeah, What I don't understand, your GF can actually tolerate that some of your BFF is your ex.
So what so different about me ?
The different is, YOU LIED TO HER.

Sad isn't it ? If it wasn't for your stupidity to lie, this wouldn't happen.

Forget the fact you were always there when I need you.
Forget the fact we've been friends longer than we were lovers.
Forget the fact that you always put me in high hopes.

Let's get the fact straight, you're not that person anymore.

My advice, please don't all the above to your new GF.
She's an angel to actually to accept your apology.
But hey, it's you. Who wouldn't accept your apology huh ?
Except me :)

Well, too much talking will only cause me sin.

So, farewell, be well and... don't go to hell ?
hahaha just kidding dude.
I'm not that heartless as you are.

Have fun, I'll vanished into thin air, as if we have never met at all.

ps; Wasted pearls from eyes.



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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 10:45 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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