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1st Day ; Ten Random Facts About Me

Dahlia. I know you've posted this ages ago. But I couldn't complete it cause by the time it was Day 5, I'm already on vacation.
So here I am, to redeem myself :)

others can also join too you know. I miss those tag posts.
Atok and Fazra usually would tag me on those kinds of posts. haha
missed my blogging days :)

oh oh since we are already there, might as well I tag you guys. OKAY ATOK AND FAZRA, you have a challenge. let's begin ;)

Day 1 : Ten Random Facts About Yourself
Day 2 : Nine Things You Do Everyday
Day 3 : Eight Things That Annoys You
Day 4 : Seven Fears/Phobias
Day 5 : Six Songs You're Addicted To
Day 6 : Five Things You Can't Live Without
Day 7 : Four Memories You Won't Forget
Day 8 : Three Words You Can't Go A Day Without Using
Day 9 : Two Things You Wish You Could Do
Day 10 : One Person You Can Trust

i. I'm hyper. But we all know that, don't we ? What we don't know about me is that I can easily break as easy as I laugh. And that's fact.
Not a surprising fact though cause mostly everyone is like that -__-
move along~

ii. I love Sudoku.
For those who don't know what is that, NO IT AIN'T SOME SUSHI OR A JAPANESE NAME.
Seriously man, get your facts right -__-
It's a puzzle game. Some may say it's complicated.

My brother qouted, "Setan mana ntah buat game yang setan macam ni"

Well, he can say like that since he's not good at as I am :)
Don't ask why I love it, don't ask how can I be good at it,
Cause it just happens :)

iii. I love taking pictures. Candidly.
I love to take pictures of scenery the most.
Stars, Oceans, Rainbow, Lights, Sunsets, Anything that soothes the eyes.
I love taking pictures that words can't describe.
I love, I love, I love :)

iv. I hate taking pictures of people who ASKED ME TO TAKE THEIR PICTURES.
Here's a piece of an advice. Ask people politely to take your picture.
Don't act as if you're an effing superstar. Seriously, who do you think you are, going around ordering me like I'm some kind of your photographer. You don't pay me, SO BUZZ OFF.
People nowadays just don't have manners anymore. Enough said.
move along~

v. I love dancing, singing, acting.
Enough said :)

vi. I'm married to Azlan Sulaiman.
err I don't even know why I'm writing this. But hey, I'm just randomly picking my facts up. So yeah, it's pretty much acceptable. lol

vii. I love playing Sorority Life at Facebook :D
It first started at Myspace. Didn't when or how but after I know all the tactics and how to win the game, I became obsessed of leveling up.
The game was too easy and too simple. All it needs is strategy and patience. Cause it could take quite some time for the levelling up process to take place. But it's awesome.
The game has no end, so you can play until you got so bored that you puke. LOL not literally of course.

viii. I can play piano as well as guitar.
oh I'm a multi-talented person as Kaklong Huda always say :)

ix. I love rainbow. That is why I love colourful things. White, pink, blue. Any colours even dark colours. Cause I can be as hyper and emo at the same time. heh
yeah I'm complicated in that way.

and lastly,

x. I love Disney. Very much.
Who doesn't, right ? :)

so there you go. Ten random facts.
Whats yours? :)


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