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3. Phase Three

This is the part where everything turns dark. It is where you'll fall into a pit of darkness.
And no one.. not even yourself can save you.

It's where everything is just not right and you're confused, enrage with hate and pain.
The worst part was not all the feelings that you have, it was the cause of it. Memories.
It'll haunt, curse you to feel a huge load on your shoulder. Where even there's no more tears left, it finds a way to cry more.

They say, the hardest part was not breaking up and not being together, it was the after feeling. Letting go is easy but not as easy as forgetting.

Well they're wrong. In each phase, it hurts like hell. Non which can compare to one another. Each pain is so different yet have the same amount of momentum to push you down to the ground.

The funny thing is, after phase 2, you'd thought you get over it by now,
but then the memories kicks in and everything you've build up for, just comes crumbling down.

I'm just hoping I'll get through this phase 3 as quickly as possible.
I'm starting to feel the change in myself. Though I can pretend in front of everyone, to push that other persona in me, is like trying to fight with my own self. It's suffocating, frustrating and exhausting..


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Saturday, September 6, 2014 2:10 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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