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The Truth About Now

i miss fazra -_-"

had a small openhouse [dissapointed] and went for a midnight movie.
farhah said i'm crazy for still being active even when i'm tired right now.

the tiredness that i'm feeling can never be compare to my dissapointment.

yes ashli, i am angry right now.
puas hati kau?

dah ar, nk layan SingStar sekejap, release tension dgn ddr and nyanyi mengikut pitching yang betul dan boleh melepas perasaan MARAH.

oh oh, farhah sleeping over my house tonite :D
hoi farhah, kau pandang tv tu apsal -_-"
pelik tul kwn aku sorg ni :)

ps; - i'm just too sexy for you [abaikan, tgh ckp psl ape yang aku tgh pakai skrg -_-"]

-he doesn't know, that the only person that i want and will always want, IS HIM.
he just doesn't understand.
i don't understand why, but i know the feeling is just there.

cathing teardrops in my hand


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Sunday, September 27, 2009 3:40 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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