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My Kad Raya This Year!

i was dyingly confirmed i wouldn't get any raya cards this year.
no reason to that.

actually i don't demand any raya cards, as long as you wish me selamat hari raya, thats all.
at least it means that you haven't forgotten all about me :)

i'm alil bit dissappointed with certain people whom i THOUGHT was my friend.
but.. heh lets not bring my mood down shall we :)

thankyou again to SYED and DEVIKA :)

i took the liberty to 'conteng' the pic so that everybody know :P

ada pantun lagi tu! haha!
eventhough she gave the cards to most of the form 6's, i'm just proud and touched i was one of them who she gave :)

i think the only thing that really helped me get through form 6 is her and other good friends i had.

sigh, even good friendship has to goodbye i guess.

i'm gonna miss you devika. nana. love you guys :(

ok, flashbacks:

-when i was form 1 until form 3 or was it form 4,
every year, me and syed would always send each other raya cards.
it felt almost like a routine.

but since last year was spm, so we'd stop.

but he never failed to visit my house every raya.
and i'm happy for that :)

and suddenly out of the blue, today DADDY found a raya card for me in the mailbox.
and i think my jaw hurts because i smile so hard looking at the card :)

-syed and kakya.
haha, syed masih ingat kakya tak?
cause kakya masih lagi.
she always ask about you :)

i remember one day, kakya had to an assignment for her cooking studies.
and syed was the one who helped us, cause at that time, i never went to a cc before.

wow, yeah syed!
if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't know what is like to be in cc haha XD
i guess you teached me alot about I.T :)

it doesn't take a brilliant person to know that he created this card with his own bare hands.
damn, i mean.
he spent few minutes of his life to do this card for me :)

i think i could just cry for that, but then i'll just be like a supa drama queen -_-"
fyi, supa drama queen and drama queen are different. HEH

even the envelope pun dia buat sendiri.
ok sumpah, bende2 mcm ni la yang membuat aku secara magikalnya lupa akan kawan2 lain yang lupa pada aku.

happy! :)

life is so unpredictable :)

ps; - thankyou again to all who have wished me :)
i'm happy you remember me :)

-i'm happy that all the cards that i sent to maklong's family arrived safely :)
unfortunately thats the only family i'm really really really close to.

so pakngah, janganlah buat muka tak puas hati tapi xnk ckp.

its not my fault that you had to be so greedy and ruined our family :)
HAH KAU! makan dalam :)

i wonder if other cards arrived safely too -_-"

- its just weird.
no matter how hard i find it hard to believe that you love me,
i am still falling for you deeper and deeper.

i just wish this feeling could just stop choking me and killing me.

why moving on is so hard?

i think i need ira's advice for that -_-"
cause she's good with it.

haish, tapi dia pulak nk blaja dari aku camne nk jadi loyal seperti aku -_-"
susah susah :)

why am i not the one?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009 8:44 PM
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