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Real Steel Review

Trust me, I've watched this after 6 days it was released. I'm posting just cause I feel like it. So yeah, just sharing a quote that I'll never forget.

Bailey (Evangeline Lilly): " 1200 miles for a kiss? *tearing up* "
Charlie (Hugh Jackman): " Worth it. So worth it. "

aww :')


Sure as hell this movie was not about actions. It was more to inspirational. It was like seeing Forest Gump again, except a newer and less sentimental than Forest Gump. And MODERN. haha

I mean, sure, you see them fights the robots and all. But if you check, the last fight where the dude had to box for real cause the robot can't received any orders from the headphone, both Bailey and Max was admiring Charlie boxing and enjoying every second of it. And it was in SLOW MO.

I swear, slow mo really gives alot of impact. At least to me.
Well I cried twice during the movie. Cause of the father to son thingy and all those mushy gushy stuffs.

But nonetheless it was a good movie after all.

Go buy the cd or download. You know how some movies just makes you feel like any dreams could come true, yes this movie is the same. Soooooooo whatever floats your boat.

It can move you. Or not. LOL :D

well kbye :D miss ya bloggie :)

ps; This blog gets random alot these days. Wonder who reads this :D


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011 3:12 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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