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TPH for Tun Putih

Freaking hell, I'm an effing student who should be worrying more about my studies rather than trying to kill myself to get myself a place to stay. And not to mention, wearing my energy out just to keep a place to stay AND coping with people's attitude around the place. SEE how much energy and emotions I've wasted instead of focusing all of it into studying ???????

And by the way,

My YDP is really getting on my nerves. Ok maybe she's mad at someone else cause SOMEONE posted on my college's facebook page(yes, they have a facebook) saying that they want to 'mogok' cause they didn't get college t-shirt. OK HERE'S THE THING.

I MYSELF didn't get the t-shirt, but hey, i'm cool with it. Cause I think I'm brainiac enough to actually FIGURE out that you can always pick up the clothes at the next opening sem. I mean, it's not like you're gonna die because you didn't get your t-shirt or anything.


C'mon !!!! You can always ask for a refund if they didn't get the clothes for you. YEAH, REFUND! Haven't you heard of it ???
Aww, you haven't ?? Well go back to primary school then !
You're already in a university and you dont even know what is refund, THATS BULLSHIT!


AND BY THE WAY, as I was saying,

MY BELOVED YDP wrote down on a comment on a post that one of MY LEVELMATES WROTE (NOT ME OK, MY LEVELMATE).
She wrote down asking about t-shirt. Well like others asked.
So YDP clear the whole thing out and leaving this comment to the MAMA LEVEL (which include me)

"Mesej sudah disampaikan kepada MT level..
Kpda mama level:sile cek bebetul sblum bckap.."

Whoa whoa whoa whoaaah!
Na'a. Did you just whipped my ass ? CAUSE TECHNICALLY, you're like saying that all of this was my fault ? Are you saying that my levelmates didn't get their t-shirts cause I was not doing a good job as a mama level cause I DIDN'T CHECK A THING???!!!

Ok correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe I misinterpreted the comment that she wrote, or maybe she was REALLY MAD with all the responses that she got from the other students that she HAD TO put it out on me ????

Dude, you're a YDP. You should have known better that you WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO FACE THESE KIND OF THINGS. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. So don't get mad if someone under your leadership, didn't delivered their message as you ordered them.

I REPEAT, I did not get any information about the t-shirt. I did not get any information on I should be meeting other MT levels about the t-shirt. Cause as I remembered, one of the MT levels came through my door asking who has ordered a t-shirt from my room, and I said only me. And she specificly said she will inform about the t-shirt.


So don't be all up in my face girl !!! Cause I didn't get any information about it ok !

Damn, You're a ydp and you don't even know how to treat people right? That's lunatic.

But you know what? Since you're really stress out with others stupidity, I figure I'd better forgive and let it be. Instead of me blowing up and replying to your comment, I'll just blow up in my blog and relieve myself here as well.

Cause as you can see, I'm a professional.

I write what I want, what I feel, and what I think.

So YDP. No hard feelings. I feel sorry for you that you had to be burden with many problems, but hey it's your job. You vowed to the responsibility when you put yourself up to audition for the position. So it's the price you have to pay.

I'm just sorry that the price was really high.

I wish you and Tun Putih's MT all the best and have an easy going and less problematic journey in handling Tun Putih.


Goodbye and Goodnite.


ps; pleasure dedicating my sweats and tears for Tun Putih's Cheer Competition for 3 whole sems. 1 year and a half was fun and ever so amazing. Love and will miss those moments.

:) <3


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:23 AM
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