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Falling Stars

It's gonna rain tonight. No no, not outside the house. But inside my house. Oh, there she goes :)
honestly I do miss blogging, but at some point, I just don't know what to write anymore.
Cause every sentence I will start off, it will become the beginning of a sad blog.

Sorry blog for torturing you with my endless sadness.

Don't you just hate it when you were just minding your own business and you feel as if there's no reason to get mad or fight about ? But all of a sudden, somebody just got up all on your face making you feel miserable and wonder why you even exist in this world.

It sucks I tell ya.

Dude, fighting with your parents does not feel fine to me especially when you haven't done anything wrong.

And life's suffering does not stop there. You end up having a huge argument with your own loved one.

And that just makes you wonder, why ? I'm asking God, why did I do now ?
When am I going to be enough for anybody ?

And what's even more suckier, you slept through the day cause you were tired and had nothing to do. So now, you have evolved into an owl.

So now, I just have to suck my sadness up and cry my ass off wondering when is this pain going to end ?

What hurts more, you woke up today and you even said to yourself, I want to get through today and when I sleep, I'm gonna do it with a smile.

Well, I guess God must know what's best for me. And hurting is just one of it.

You wanna know what would be really nice right now ? A shoulder to cry on. It would be really nice.. *smiles in bitterness*


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Sunday, May 22, 2011 2:57 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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